Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Welcome to the SSF Archives

Thanks for checking out the Sans Souci Festival Archives. Here you'll find information on all the films we've screened over the past 17 years, and when and where we screened them. Click on "Prior Events" in the navigation menu on the left, and you'll find events listed by date and location. If you're interested in upcoming events, resources, and more, please check out our NEW WEBSITE.

2020 Audience Choice Awards

Sans Souci would like to congratulate our 2020 Audience Choice Award winners and honorable mentions! This award, created in 2017, is based on our fans' votes for their favorite films at this season's screenings, and the films with the highest rankings are issued an Audience Choice Award. Those who came almost as close, so close it bears mentioning, receive honorable mention.

In the News

We've been noticed! Kalene McCourt's lovely article in the Boulder Daily Camera highlighted our screening at the Dairy Drive-In at the end of August, which was also a Camera Top Pick. We also had many press mentions in Brazil for our Brazilian Edition in August, including a few TV spots. Like or follow our Facebook page for new mentions as they come up.

Our Sponsors and Friends

Like all arts organizations, we work hard to make the ends meet when putting on our events, and it feels great to be recognized and supported in our mission of bringing dance cinema to Boulder and beyond. We're sending a deep, heartfelt thank-you to these grantors, sponsors, and friends.