Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Kinetoscope • Sans Souci at the Roxy
The Roxy Theater, 718 South Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT, USAtickets
Missoula’s Community Cinema, a non-profit fun and funky art-house venue.
Co-sponsored by Bare Bait Dance.
Two unique programs on each of two evenings.

Program A: Saturday, Jan. 28 at 4:00 & Sunday, Jan. 29 at 6:00

Meaghan McHenry dancing like her old man.
Dancer Meaghan McHenry

Dance Like Your Old Man, 2006, Australia, 10 min

Directed by Gideon Obarzanek & Edwina Throsby
Produced by Chunky Move in association with Chequerboard Productions
Featuring Chunky Move
Dancing by Meaghan McHenry, Sara Black, Alexandra Dillon, Bec Reid, Penelope Bartiau & Ros Warby
Music by various artists
Cinematography by Cordelia Beresford
Editing by Simon Njoo
Six unseen fathers come to life through their dances as imitated and reflected on by their daughters.
Frame from the promise

the promise, 2015, Canada, 5 min

Directed by Jason Karman
Produced by Robin Chan, Jason Karman, Sean Arden
Choreography by Nicolo Fonte
Featuring Oregon Ballet Theatre
Dancing by Avery Reiners, Chauncey Parsons Hildestad
Music by Stefan Smulovitz
Cinematography by Stirling Bancroft
Edited by Jason Karman
Stereography by Sean Arden
Set in an open field, two men travel together, exploring the romantic connection they share and the sacrifices made to achieve personal fulfillment. Funded by: Dance Film Association, National Film Board of Canada, Emily Carr University, The Dance Centre, Like Minded Media and LNG Studios
Frame from CEA

CEA, 2006, Canada, 4 min

Directed by Robert Prowse
Produced by Dominique Keller & Andrea Pass
Choreography by Andrea Pass
Dancing by Jocelyn Hebert, Carrie Innes, Tina Kettyle, Joanna Norris, Kate Pakarnyk, Andrea Pass, Beryl Tsai Poon
Music by Cedric Blary & Colin Maier
Cinematography by Lisa Fryklund
Picture Edited by Erik King Smith
"CEA," a film without words draws us into a captivating sensory experience. The slow, melodic rhythms and quiet energy of this film offer a powerful dichotomy to the frenetic pace of today's dominant urban culture. The movement flows with the grace of poetry, to an original score that takes us back, through our collective rural history.
Frame from Training Session

Training Session, 2010, Canada, 6 min

Directed by Christian Lalumière
Produced by Émilie Heckmann
Choreography by Hélène Blackburn
Dancing by Roxane Duchesne-Roy, Daphnée Laurendeau, Pierre Lecours, Susan Paulson & Georges-Nicolas Tremblay
Music composed by Nicolas Bernier
Cinematography by Jonathan Decoste
Edited by Thiery Laberge
A simple workout routine is transformed into a ballet where the athletes fit together like the notes of a symphonic musical score and rhythmic repetition punctuates the resulting dance.
Frame from Ward of State

Ward of State, 2014, Australia, 29 min

Directed by Sarah-Jane Woulahan
Produced by Claire Marshall
Choreography by Claire Marshall
Featuring Claire Marshall
Dancing by Richard Causer, Chafia Brooks, Libby McDonnell, Mariana Paraizo
Music composed by Susan Hawkins
Music performed by Collusion Music Australia
Cinematography by Kevin Holloway
Edited by Jane Wallace
Story and concept by Claire Marshall
This dramatic and powerful narrative about a girl made a ward of the state is based on Claire Marshall's own family history research.

Program B: Saturday, Jan. 28 at 6:00 & Sunday, Jan. 29 at 4:00

MELT, 2010, USA, 10 min

Directed by Noémie Lafrance
Produced by Natalie Galazka
Choreography by Noémie Lafrance
Featuring Sens Production
Dancing by Elizabeth Wilkinson, Mare Hieronimus, Teresa Kochis, Celeste Hastings, Adi Kfir, Meghan Merrill, Marcy Schlissel, Sarah Donnelly
Music composed by Erin McGonigle
Music performed by Brooks Williams
Cinematography by Bryan Newman
Edited by Brad Turner
Beeswax Costumes by Noémie Lafrance
Rigging Design by Spencer Evans
Costumes slowly melt away from dancers precariously perched and wrapped in sculptural beeswax and lanolin. Inspired by the Melt live performance work, "Melt" depicts a delicate, sensual, and dramatic experience of the physical body in exile and surrender.
Frame from Moving Southwark

Moving Southwark, 2015, UK, 5 min

Directed by Jevan Chowdhury
Produced by Rosie Wells
Choreography by Kai Tomioka
Featuring Wind & Foster
Dancing by Bryony Harrison, Emma Farnell Watson
Music composed by Danny Odom
Cinematography by Charlie Herranz
Edited by Jevan Chowdhury
Part of the "Moving Cities" project to investigate cultures and peoples via dance, this film is a take on the "dying moments" of 24 dancers, each consumed by London.
Frame from Black Train is Coming

Black Train is Coming, 2011, USA, 3 min

Produced and Directed by John T. Williams
Choreography and dancing by eNinja & Joyntz Scott
Music composed by Rev. J.M Gates
Cinematography by James Tucker
Edited by John T. Williams
Blending an old time sermon with modern day Flex/Turf dance style, this film is based on the 1926 exhortation, "Death's Black Train is Coming," by the prolific black preacher, Rev. J.M. Gates, many of whose sermons were strong warnings of the hellish punishments that awaited sinners.
Frame from Singeries

Singeries, 2015, Canada, 7 min

Directed by Priscilla Guy and Catherine Lavoie-Marcus
Produced by Mandoline Hybride
Choreography and dancing by Priscilla Guy and Catherine Lavoie-Marcus
Filmmaker: Priscilla Guy and Catherine Lavoie-Marcus
Special effects by Antoine Quirion Couture
An abstract duet in which ordinary and agreeable dancers turn into automatons, beasts, objects in free fall, and primates.

Less, 2016, USA, 10 min

Directed by Erika Randall and Daniel Beahm
Produced by Daniel Beahm and Erika Randall
Choreography by Erika Randall
Dancing by Dancer: Samantha Lysaght
Music composed by Liszt Rossignol, The Blue Waltz , sound design: Jonas Bendsen
Music performed by Emily Levin (arrangement and performance)
Filmmaker: Daniel Beahm
2nd camera by Laffrey Whitbrod
Costume by Markas Henry
Wearing a dress made of memories, a solo dancer explores notions of nostalgia, sensation, and grief as she moves through virtuosic phrases and theatrical vignettes. Photographs are clipped into and released from the skirt, the costume physically and metaphorically replicating notions of emotional scrapbooking and loss. Inspired by Randall’s aunt’s struggle with Bulbar ALS, “Less” borrows gestures from a body that is deteriorating at a rapid pace while the mind still grasps at an active, vibrant, and sensual history.
Frame from Subsurface

Subsurface, 2015, Finland, 7 min

Directed by Thomas Freundlich
Choreography and dancing by Jussi Väänänen & Katja Koukkula
Music by Kimmo Pohjonen
Filmmaker: Thomas Freundlich
Costume Design by Jenni Ahtiainen
Archaic elements of nature are metaphors for the multiple levels of a relationship.
Frame from A Touch of Red

A Touch of Red, 2013, UK, 11 min

Directed by Emile Shemilt
Choreography by Nicole Guarino
Featuring Scottish Dance Theatre
Dancing by Solène Weinachter, Joan Clevillé
Music composed by Genevieve Murphy
Cinematography by Steven Crichton
Edited by Emile Shemilt
Sound Recording and Mix by Aaron Ahrends
Production Management by Anna Rathband
A relationship is revealed through performative and cinematic patterns, rhythms and expressions.


Directed by Daniel Moshel
Produced by Daniel Moshel, August Schram
Music composed by Carl Orff
Cinematography by Arturo Delano Smith
Edited by Christin Gottscheber
Performers by August Schram and Elfriede Wunsch
After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed!