Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

AtticRep Program, 2014

AtticRep Celebrating the past • Investing in the Future

at Blue Star Arts Complex, 108 Blue Star, San Antonio, TX,
in the King William Cultural Arts District
Friday & Saturday, March 28 & 29, 2014, 7:00 PM
Tickets $5 at the door
Different program each evening:

Friday, March 28 at 7:00 PM: A Retrospective

Frame from The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water, 2007, Australia, 14 min

Directed by Cordella Beresford
Produced by Brook Wilson
Choreography by Narelle Benjamin
Featuring The Sydney Dance Company
Dancing by soloist, Alexa Heckmann
Music composed by Huey Benjamin
"The Shape of Water" is a sensory journey revolving around the idea of the mind and its inner workings, flowing back and forth like the sea, explores the symbolic connection between water and the human psyche.
Meaghan McHenry dancing like her old man.
Dancer Meaghan McHenry

Dance Like Your Old Man, 2006, Australia, 10 min

Directed by Gideon Obarzanek & Edwina Throsby
Produced by Chunky Move in association with Chequerboard Productions
Featuring Chunky Move
Dancing by Meaghan McHenry, Sara Black, Alexandra Dillon, Bec Reid, Penelope Bartiau & Ros Warby
Music by various artists
Cinematography by Cordelia Beresford
Editing by Simon Njoo
Six unseen fathers come to life through their dances as imitated and reflected on by their daughters.
Frame from plug-play, one of the 4 clips pour aufnahmen by Nicole Seiler
Frame from plug-play

4 clips pour aufnahmen, 2006, Switzerland, 8 min

Directed by Nicole Seiler
Produced by Cie Nicole Seiler
Choreography by Nicole Seiler
Featuring Cie Nicole Seiler
Dancing by Célina Chaulvin, Kylie Walters, Florent Ottello, Alexandre Tissot
Music composed by Martin A.P. Gantenbein
In these 4 very short dance films moving bodies and body parts have been projected onto specific surfaces and change their original character. In uno-duo bodies overlap bodies, in hülle-fülle legs and arms tremble in the wind, in devant-avant a dancing couple appears on smoke and in plug-play a Barbie doll becomes alive.
photo by Vicky MacArthur
photo by Vicky MacArthur

This Bird Has Flown, 2008, USA, 16 min

Directed by Carrie Noel
Produced by keo Productions
Choreography by Rachael Lincoln
Dancing by Rachael Lincoln and Mark Stuver
Music composed by Cody Westheimer
Cinematography by Natalie Newman
Editing by Carlo Kamin Tatu
This fictional dance drama placed in the 1960s exposes the vulnerable yet quirky woman upon whom John Lennon based the ballad, "Norwegian Wood." The film is rich in surreal design and Beatles references and is topped off with exceptionally visceral choreography.
photo by Margaret Williams
photo by Margaret Williams

Veterans, 2008, USA, 17 min

Directed by Margaret Williams
Produced by Victoria Marks
Choreography by Victoria Marks
Dancing by Manuel Flores, Aaron McCollum, John Tingley, Cidkyee Williams, Felton Lee Williams
Music composed by Jeremy Cox
Music performed by Jeremy Cox, Nigel Hoyle
Filmmaker: Margaret Williams
Production Assistance by Ellen Bromberg & Cari Ann Shim Sham*
Temporarily emerging from solitary battles of isolation, dislocation, and memory, five US war veterans converge in a quiet alley and join in a ritual re-enactment of combat.
Frame from She

She, 2009, USA, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Kathy Rose
Choreography by Kathy Rose
Dancing by Kathy Rose, Chi Kit Tso
Music composed by C.P. Roth
Filmmaker: Kathy Rose
An insectoid fantasy with an indio/arachnid sound track, this piece was originally created as a live performance and then re-interpreted as a video.
Frame from The Breath We Left

The Breath We Left, 2009, USA, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Tara Rynders
Choreography and dancing by Tara Rynders
Music composed by Sigur Ros [edited]
Filmmaker: Tara Rynders
I find comfort in your warmth and your texture in my hands and feet. I reach into my pockets and search for the breath we left. I look back only to see the future swept up by the current and I am again alone. Forced to face myself I have a choice. I am here and I am there - searching. . .
Frame from Fragility

Fragility, 2009, USA, 6 min

Directed by ana baer
Produced by ana baer carrillo
Choreography by kim olson
Featuring sweet edge
Dancing by kim olson, patrick mueller
Music composed by barry adamson
Filmmaker: ana baer carrillo
A couple grasps for intimacy in a bleak urban landscape, emerging from and collapsing into codependency.
Frame from In There

In There, 2005, USA, 7 min

Directed by Michael Theodore / Michelle Ellsworth
Produced by Prarie Dog Mothers
Choreography and dancing by Michelle Ellsworth
Music by Michael Theodore
This film definitively answers the question, "What is she doing in there?"

Advance, 2010, USA, 3 min

Directed by Mitchell Rose
Produced by Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland, Mitchell Rose
Choreography and dancing by Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
Featuring BodyVox
Music composed by William Goodrum
Filmmaker: Mitchell Rose
One dance. Two minutes. Fifty locations.
Frame from Passing Through

Passing Through, 2009, USA, 4 min

Produced by Michelle Ellsworth
Choreography by Toby Hankin
Dancing by Kelsey Chilton, Esmeralda Kundanis-Grow, Joy French, Cortney McGuire, Michael Richman and Stephanie Kobes
Cinematography by Robert Schaller
Edited by Hamel Bloom
Humans passing through each others' lives is portrayed with movement and overlay.

Saturday, March 29 at 7:00 PM: Into the Future

Frame from American Overture

American Overture, 2012, USA, 6 min

Produced and Directed by John T. Williams
Choreography by Shannon Roberts
Dancing by Shannon Roberts, Luke Willis, and Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun
Music composed by Maurice Ravel
Cinematography by James Tucker
Edited by John T. Williams
Visual Effects by John T. Williams
Set in a collage of iconic surreal imagery, "American Overture" celebrates American diversity, culture, freedom, art, innovation and equality.
Frame from OF THE HEART

OF THE HEART, 2007, USA, 6 min

Produced by Douglas Rosenberg
Choreography and dancing by David Dorfman and Lisa Race
Music composed by Arvo Part
"Of The Heart" is a tender and moving duet for the camera that slowly unfolds in a windblown field in late fall. The film speaks of longing and desire and is a richly metaphoric movement portrait. The performance by Dorfman and Race is heartfelt and honest, stripped to its emotional core.
Frame from höfn/harbor

höfn/harbor, 2010, Iceland / UK, 2 min

Produced and Directed by Ingi Jensson and Heike Salzer
Choreography by Heike Salzer
Featuring Salts
Dancing by Saga Sigurðardóttir
Music composed by Bjarni Guðmundsson
Cinematography by Sigurður Þorfinnur Einarsson
Edited by Heike Salzer
Dance Improvisation by Saga Sigurðardóttir
Anything can be turned into a duet partner - even this yellow structure at Reykjavik's harbor.
Frame from PAINTED

PAINTED, 2011, Canada, 5 min

Directed by Duncan McDowall
Produced by Sach Baylin-Stern
Choreography and dancing by Dorotea Saykaly
Music by Simon Marcheterre
Cinematography by Christophe Collette
Edited by Sebastien Delporte
Costume Design by Carla Romagnoli
This choreographic portrayal of a building's decay as a "de-crescendo" illustrates the building's retreat from the physical world, and Nature's advance.
photo by agise & dancers
photo by agise & dancers

SNAP, 2010, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 4 min

Directed by Andrea Gise
Produced by agise & dancers
Choreography by Andrea Gise
Featuring agise & dancers
Dancing by Celia DeVoe, Kim Machaby
Music by Justin Levy
Filmmaker: Philip Knowlton
The dancers play with the camera and their environment in this fun and free-wheeling short film shot in gritty and colorful outdoor Brooklyn.
photo by Libby Pratt
photo by Libby Pratt

890 Broadway, 2012, USA, 4 min

Directed by Marta Renzi
Produced by And Dancers, Inc.
Choreography by Marta Renzi
Dancing by Ching-I Chang & Jenny Tortorello
Music by Kevin MacLeod
Cinematography by Charles Caster-Dudzick
Edited by Marta Renzi
The duet of two women dressed to go out - but, who never do.
Frame from Fall Off the Bone

Fall Off the Bone, 2012, USA, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Patrizia Herminjard
Choreography and dancing by Adam Dickerson, Dolo McComb
Music by Adam Stone
Filmmaker: Patrizia Herminjard
Quirky and tense, this duet is filmed in the ashes of the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire.
Frame from skógur/forest

skógur/forest, 2010, Iceland / Denmark / UK, 2 min

Produced and Directed by Ingi Jensson and Heike Salzer
Choreography by Heike Salzer
Featuring Salts
Dancing by Søren Linding Urup
Music composed by Heike Salzer with special thanks to Gjöll and INRI
Cinematography by Sigurður Þorfinnur Einarsson
Edited by Heike Salzer
Dance Improvisation by Søren Linding Urup
Devised at a site north of Copenhagen, the choreography and filming is influenced by the associations the makers experience in relation to the place.
Frame from Beautiful Illusion

Beautiful Illusion, 2011, UK, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Jessica Taylor & Aaron Buckley
Choreography by Jessica Taylor & Aaron Buckley
Dancing by Olivia Ratcliffe
Music by Rebecca-Kate Leach
Edited by Jessica Taylor & Aaron Buckley
The beauty of a ballerina in an art gallery is contrasted with threatening red lights, which indicate her pain in executing the movement.
Frame from KNEAD

KNEAD, 2012, Denmark / Sweden, 9 min

Directed by Disa Krosness and Carl Olsson
Produced by Disa Krosness
Choreography by Disa Krosness
Dancing by Malin Sandberg and Anton Wretling
Filmmaker: Carl Olsson
Sound Design by Andreas Lundmark
The sound of flour on skin, the echo of dripping water, the kneading of flesh. KNEAD is derived from intuition and with a wish to convey bodily experience, liberated from analysis and story-telling.
Frame from Off Ground

Off Ground, 2013, The Netherlands, 12 min

Directed by Boudewijn Koole
Produced by Iris Lammertsma
Choreography by Jakop Ahlbom
Featuring Jakop Ahlbom
Dancing by Louise Lecavalier, Antoine Masson
Music composed by Alex Simu
Cinematography by Melle van Essen
Edited by Boudewijn Koole
Woman and boy, table and chair, wall and water - a simple, powerful duet.
Frame from strönd/beach

strönd/beach, 2010, Iceland / Denmark / UK, 1 min

Produced and Directed by Ingi Jensson and Heike Salzer
Choreography by Heike Salzer
Featuring Salts
Dancing by Saga Sigurðardóttir and Søren Linding Urup
Music composed by Michael Greig
Cinematography by Sigurður Þorfinnur Einarsson
Edited by Heike Salzer
Dance Improvisation by Saga Sigurðardóttir and Søren Linding Urup
Tall grasses form the common mise-en-scène for dancers on separate beaches, one in Iceland and one in Denmark. The two dances are edited into a single piece.
Frame from Elon + Emmanuelle

Elon + Emmanuelle, 2012, USA, 7 min

Directed by Natalie Galazka
Produced by Natalie Galazka & Melissa C. O'Brien
Choreography and dancing by Elon Höglund & Emmanuelle Lê Phan
Music by Garth Stevenson
Cinematography by Melissa C. O'Brien
Edited by Ross Baldisserotto
Charmed dancers observe their own duet in a magical street art fantasy.

DRAWING BLANK, 2012, Canada, 5 min

Directed by stefan verna
Produced by David Finch
Choreography and dancing by Emily Jean Honegger
Music composed by David Drury
Cinematography by Bill Kerrigan
Edited by stefan verna
A dream-like story of impermanence told through dance and stop-motion painting.