Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Sans Souci Brazil: 2nd edition - Screening B
This year we put out a call this year for films connected with Brazil, and the results were astounding. The films listed here were selected and curated, as one of four online screenings.

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Frame from Dancing for do not forget

Dancing not to forget (Dançar para não esquecer), 2019, Brazil, 6 min

Directed by Karina Almeida,
Choreography by Karina Almeida
Dancing by Karina Almeida and Tutu Morasi
Music composed by Rodrigo Vasconcelos
Filmmaker: Trindade Media
Each gesture bears memories that are updated in the here and now. Presence is a present, something that comes to life every time one dances so as not to forget.

Quiet Hearts (Corações Silenciosos), 2020, United States - Brazil Category, 4 min

Directed by Joe Mischo
Produced by Erick Turcios
Choreography and dancing by Stephanie Kim & Raymond Dejiofor
Music composed by Robot Koch
Music performed by Robot Koch & Delhia de France
Cinematography by Tamara Santos
"While we loved each other we didn't need words to make ourselves understood." - Albert Camus, The Plague

Dolores, 2020, Brazil, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Loretta Pelosi
Choreography by Loretta Pelosi
Dancing by Loretta Pelosi
Music composed by Desasosiego
Music performed by Fátima Miranda
Cinematography by Moisés Costa
This piece is a study on being female, the pain and the beauty of being what you are. Nothing is certain. It is about putting yourself through a state of transformation.

Rio Cor de Rosa, 2019, Brazil, 7 min

Directed by André Rosa
Choreography by Clébio Oliveira
Featuring Companhia de Dança do Teatro Alberto Maranhão
Dancing by André Rosa, Gabriela Gorges, Gustavo Santos, Juarez Moniz, Julia Vasques, Marghot Lima, Tatyelli Raulino, Will Gomes
Music composed by Wim Mertens / Terje Isungeset / Antony And The Johnis / Electric President / Glen Hansard e Marketa Iglova
Cinematography by André Rosa
The body claims more than is ever its right to, intervention and alteration, it is action in constant motion, in search of different spaces, even if it suffers from the marks of the past. Memories lead us to our old dwellings, internal pains, external smiles, psychic violence and other paths. Every place, a new river and different waters.

ASTIGMA, 2019, Brazil, 9 min

Produced and Directed by Tainá Pompêo
Choreography by Tainá Pompêo
Featuring Flores de goya
Music by Tainá Pompêo
Cinematography by Tainá Pompêo
In a restless night's sleep, Anna-Belle faces unconscious questions, unable to distinguish between dream, reality and technology. Oscillating between different quantum dimensions, Love, Hate, Indifference and Consciousness personify, disputing the attention of the young girl. In this complex and tempting obsessive process, Mother Nature and her Guardian Angel help her search her consciousness in a choreographed magnetization.
Frame from Lilac

Lilac (Lilás), 2020, Brazil, 4 min

Directed by Cisco Vasques
Produced by
Choreography and dancing by Iara Medeiros
Music composed by Partita for 8 Voices: No. 3, Courante
Music performed by Roomful of Teeth
Cinematography by Cisco Vasques
Gesticulate and welcome the temple of the senses, where a lesser thing is expressed, something more subtle… From a simple perception of the connectivity of things. A rite of flow of everything that already is.
Frame from Migrante

Migrant Gaze (Olhar Migrante), 2020, USA and Brazil, 3 min

Directed by Ana Baer, Julia Ziviani
Produced by Bruno Harlyson
Dancing by Ayumi Hanada, Casemiro de Paula Barsalini, Cléo de Paula, Fernando Vitor, Flávia Pinheiro, Júlia Ferreira, Lais Taufic, Robson Lourenço, Victoria Travitzki
Music composed by Joaquin Lopez Chas
Filmmaker: Ana Baer
Cia Eclipse Cultura e Arte Direction by Ricardo Cardoso (Kiko Brown) e Ana Cristina Ribeiro
Groupo Dançaberta Direction by Julia Ziviani
An intimate look at the Immigrant experience focusing on issues of identity, belongingness and displacement through the language of dance. Shot in Campinas, Brazil in collaboration with Dançaberta and Eclipse Cultura e Arte.
Frame from Street

Street (Rua), 2019, Brazil, 3 min

Directed by Barbara Cunha, Mary Gatis
Choreography and dancing by Inae Silva
Music by DJ Dolores
Cinematography by Renato Stockler
Looked at the living room. She saw herself in prison. A beautiful hanging cell.Forty meters from the ground. The bright blue from the box. Strange voices in the air, dulling the senses, sucking all your air. The voice emanating from the box. Tell her what to do: Food, clothes, desire. Where to go, what to think. She goes to the street. She wants to dance. She dances naked. She's get in on and breaks everything. She the chaos master. There is no gas to stop Your Carnival.
Frame from Carcass

Carcass (Carcaça), 2014, Brazil, 10 min

Directed by Camila Carneiro, Diego Baffi, Jéssica Oliveira, Laura Formighieri
Choreography by Diego Baffi e Laura Formighieri sob orientação de Juliana Adur
Featuring IMP - Investigação do Movimento Particular (corpo rotativo de performers)
Dancing by Diego Baffi e Laura Formighieri
Music composed by Camila Carneiro
Cinematography by Camila Carneiro e Jéssica Oliveira
Carcaça is a dance with a decaying structure. Two bodies willing to inhabit through movement one among many abandoned buildings in the city. A dance in search of memories printed on architecture that, much as a palimpsest, is pervaded of the layers of absence it reveals.
Frame from Window

Window (Ventana), 2020, Brazil, 3 min

Produced and Directed by Luísa Machala
Choreography by Luísa Machala
Music by Lenna Bahule
Cinematography by Luísa Machala; Daniel Machala
From the reflection of the glass I could see the city in me. Light poured out of the windows and my body spilled desire. The movement gradually exhausted the clarity ... I became a figure. I let it purge, I let it run out, I let it drain, I let it stir, I let it.