Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

SSF Jazz with Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop

July 23, 2022 at 12pm MST
Irey Theatre in Theatre & Dance Building
This season we’re offering a screening of our new selections from our first-time-ever Jazz Dance category, including films that explore jazz and American social dance ideas from forms including but not limited to tap and hip-hop styles. Crafted in collaboration with Rhythmically Speaking Dance and our new friends at Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop, this selection encourages artists to join the ongoing conversation around ‘what constitutes jazz and American social dance,’ and the sociocultural histories of and innovations in these styles. Don’t miss your chance to see these films before anyone else, and catch a Q&A with presenting artists!

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Frame from Moses Supposes

Moses Supposes, 2021, United States, 4 min

Directed by Nic Petry
Choreography by Caleb Teicher
A diverse cast of New York City dancers reimagines tap in the city with this updated take on "Moses Supposes" from Singin' in the Rain. Music used by permission.

Melanin Vibes, 2021, United States, 3 min

Directed by Fredrick Germany
Choreography by Cyrian Reed
Dancing by Jeffrey Wilson-Boykin and KydSteez, Gabriella Bridgmon, Izabella Bridgmon, Desirre Brown, Shanivan Epps, Semya Ogeare: derFmania
“Melanin Vibes” is the discovery and conscious awareness of your skin and being proud of the layers of your existence. Recognizing and reframing the perception of how others view individual layers of talents. This piece also explores movement variations in connection to the fusion of various genres of dances that are solely driven by musical composition.
Frame from Play-Doh

Play-Doh, 2022, United States, 2 min

Directed by Chris Bedan
Produced by Chris Bedan, Ricky Perry
Featuring Ricky Perry
Music by Carmen Sandim
Play-Doh, released in 2019, is an original Jazz album composed and arranged by Carmen Sandim. Ricky Perry wanted to experiment with dancing while having a musician perform by his side. Two different art forms coming together to create a performance that, maybe, isn't seen on screen that often. This film expresses vulnerability and you get to see how the music creates the atmosphere for the dance for the audience to see.
Frame from Rube G.

Rube G., 2021, United States, 6 min

Directed by Jody Oberfelder
Choreography by Jody Oberfelder
Featuring Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects
Music composed by Frank London
Animation by Eric Siegel
Rube G brings to light how things (and people) connect.  Inspired by Rube Goldberg, the object artist, and inventory, Oberfelder selected 100 clips of dancers and regular people who were given direct prompts: spin, pop up, drop down, leap, fall, etc. Oberfelder assembled these into a five-minute film, wherein one action bumps, slides, or unfolds into the next.
Frame from Surrender

Surrender, 2021, Bulgaria, 15 min

Produced and Directed by Kosta Karakashyan
Choreography by Kosta Karakashyan
"Surrender" is a poetic documentary that highlights four of the most captivating Bulgarian male dancers (Krastyo Metodiev, Remi Toin, Nikola Hadjitanev & Svetoslav Seropyan) and lifts the curtain on who they are and why they dance. Combining their original performances with first-person documentary accounts, the film traces each man's personal relationship with dance to understand how it interacts with the idea of masculinity in Bulgarian society.

If, 2021, United States, 5 min

Produced by Allongé Films
Choreography by Elizabeth Troxler
Woman awakes for midnight snack and is seduced by the food in her fridge that has come to life.
Frame from Blue Monday

Blue Monday, 2019, Spain, 6 min

Directed by Andrew Margetson
Choreography and dancing by Agnes Sales Martin and Hector Plaza Hernandez
Blue Monday tells the story of a relationship - mutual support, aggression, shifting power and resolution all play their part in a compellingly original piece created in one fluid shot in a sunny dance studio in Barcelona.

Yacht Club Swing, 2019, United Kingdom, 5 min

Produced and Directed by Silvia Cherneva
Choreography by Angela Andrew
Featuring Cookie's Jam Productions
Yacht Club Swing is a pedestrian study of an all-too-poeticised question: the regeneration of cities and what happens to those who were there before.