Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Artist Chat Series
Once again we partner with our friends at the University of Colorado Boulder's Department of Theatre & Dance to bring you our 17th Annual Premiere Event, including one ticketed virtual screening of many of the season's top-scoring films, as well as the Artist Chat Series.

Artist Chats are all free of admission, featuring artists from our Covid-19/Quarantine Challenge virtual screening and our Annual Premiere virtual screening. Join us for what promises to be some lively conversation!

Frame from Morning Coffee
Image is a frame from "Morning Coffee" (2020, Indonesia)
directed by Deny Tri Ardianto.

Monday, Sept 28, 6pm MST
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Artists of so many kinds are living differently as a result of the COVID-10 pandemic. In this chat, an international panel of Sans Souci's contributing artists will discuss questions of staying creative right now. What does it mean to be creatively hungry? Has your practice shifted? How? What do you see ‘after’ these times?
Join us for the Zoom chat moderated by Keith Haynes, and featuring:
• "Morning Coffee" director Deny Tri Ardianto (Indonesia)
• "Day 27" director Charli Brissey (USA)
• "Isolations" director Talia Shea Levin and choreographer Maritza Navarro (USA)

Wednesday, Sept 30, 9am MST
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An international panel of Sans Souci's contributing artists will discuss how race, racial justice, and gender and sexual orientation and expression are involved in their work. We'll ask: How do you think about the bodies you put onscreen in your work? How do you consider an audience's lenses for viewing your work while making it? What role does screendance in general play in this conversation? How would you change the scene (dance, film, dance film, film festivals, academy, any of the above) in the next 50 years to create a better landscape for all involved?
Join us for the Zoom chat moderated by Cara Hagan, and featuring:
• "Making Men" directors - Antoine Panier & Harold George (Belgium)
• "Jah Intervention" director Welket Bungué (Portugal)
• "TIA: THIS is Africa" director Matthieu Maunier-Rossi (France)
• "Olhar Migrante" directors Ana Baer & Julia Ziviani (USA & Brazil)

Thursday, Oct 1, 10am MST
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Sans Souci has a long history of screening dance films created for and with specific, memorable locations, intersecting and overlapping with 'site-specific' choreography. We'll ask an international panel of Sans Souci contributing artists how they moved into this kind of work, and about the process of putting movement in the site (access, choreography, improvisation, and adaptation, and challenges). What concerns about an environment draw an artist to it? 
Join us for the Zoom chat moderated by Heike Salzer, and featuring:
• "Etch" directors Abby Warrilow & Lewis Gourlay (U.K.)
• "The Last Children" director Fu Le (France)
• "Genna" director Thomas Delord (Belgium)
• "Habitat" directors Sheila Garcia & Inés Valderas (Spain)

Friday Oct 2 at 12 noon MST
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Members of Sans Souci's curatorial team will discuss criteria for selection and trends in the field of screendance. We'll tackle topics like changes to the field since the onset of the pandemic, screendance as a tool for pedagogy, and the well-loved topic of where we stand in the evolution of screendance. Conversation features SSF's co-Artistic Directors Ana Baer and Michelle Bernier, plus long-time SSF collaborators and curators Rosely Conz and Heike Salzer. Hope to see you there!