Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Sans Souci at the Dairy Drive-In - Round 2
Our first round of screenings at the Dairy Arts Center's new drive-in theater sold out -- twice -- so we've been invited back! The new line-up coming to the drive-in features a host of different films, including highlights from our Brazil, Covid, and Premiere screenings, plus a couple favorites from last season.

Tickets are $25/vehicle, available now. Please read these instructions from our friends at the Dairy on how to prepare for your visit.

Gates open at 6:45pm, and show begins at sunset, around 7:30. This one-hour program consists of 12 films hailing from the U.S., Indonesia, Brazil, France, and Slovenia. We're calling this program "The World's Heart is Still Beating" because it's full of films the SSF team thought could bring insight and inspiration to viewers in these extraordinary times. While not kid-centric, the films are appropriate for viewers age 6 & up.

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One Another, 2019, USA, 8 min

Directed by Kevin Frilet
Produced by Guillaume de Bary
Choreography by Julie Bour
Featuring CalArts School of Dance
Dancing by Maya Allen, Shiloh Beckett, Audrey Collette, Damontae Hack, Kehari Hutchinson, Catalina Jackson-Urueña, Nadia Muhammad, Emara Neymour-Jackson, Liessa Son, Jasmin Sugar, Im Vorapharuek, Kevin Zambrano and Robin Sanders
Music composed by Arthur Simonini
Music performed by Matteo Pastorino, Arnaud Biscay
Cinematography by Nicolas Petris
Edited by Maxime Pozzi Garcia
From the undergrounds of a city, a group of people emerge from the darkness, bodies mingling and intermingling to form one. Wandering the streets of this city where the sky seems clear but the air so dense, everyone wanders according to his own epic stories, with his fears and hopes, with his loves and bitterness, with his rage and his tedium. They are the story we tell.
Frame from Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee, 2020, Indonesia, 2 min

Directed by Deny Tri Ardianto
Produced by Fajar Ritus
Choreography and dancing by Dwi Windarti
Featuring Windarti Dance
Music composed by Bagus Teweoe
Cinematography by Fajar Ritus
Covid-19 depresses everyone. Space becomes limited, houses run out of food, boredom and tension cannot be escaped. But everyone seeks to stay sane, in their own way. Note: This film was made with caution in accordance to the applied health protocol during pandemic such as physical distancing, use of mask, and limited number of crew.
Frame from Out of Frame

Out of Frame, 2020, United States, 2 min

Directed by Madison Plummer
Choreography and dancing by Madison Plummer
Featuring MadPlum Movement
Music composed by Liminal - Brambles Remix
Cinematography by Madison Plummer
What does it feel like to be caught between holding on and letting go? Out of Frame is a window into uncertainty. The film is paired with a photo series titled Goldilocks, which explores child-like wonder in an abandoned factory and grapples with the same desire to move forward without completely letting go of your past. Out of Frame was a one-woman project. All the shots were locked down and framed up so that I could climb the wall trusting that I would capture my intended image. But there's a little bit of experimentation in every project, a little bit of uncertainty, and until I was in the editing suite, I didn't know exactly what I had. In truth, it took until the end of the piece for me to truly feel grounded.
Frame from EXUFRIDA

EXUFRIDA, 2019, Brazil, 6 min

Directed by Cicero Fraga
Produced by Silvio Cohen
Choreography by Raquel Karro
Featuring Instrumento de Ver
Dancing by Beatrice Martins
Music composed by Luis Oliviéri
Cinematography by Alan Schvarsberg
In 1997 an out-of-control truck crashed into a bus that carried part of the Flamengos gymnastics team, the base of the Brazilian national team. Beatrice Martins fractured both feet. She can no longer compete, but she turned her recovery into a dance.

Quiet Hearts (Corações Silenciosos), 2020, United States - Brazil Category, 4 min

Directed by Joe Mischo
Produced by Erick Turcios
Choreography and dancing by Stephanie Kim & Raymond Dejiofor
Music composed by Robot Koch
Music performed by Robot Koch & Delhia de France
Cinematography by Tamara Santos
"While we loved each other we didn't need words to make ourselves understood." - Albert Camus, The Plague

DYNAMITE, 2018, United States, 7 min

Directed by Leila Jarman
Choreography and dancing by Maceo Paisley
Music by Michael Sempert
Cinematography by Ariel Pomerantz
Edited by Leila Jarman
A short, poetic performance art/dance film that investigates gender and masculinity --more specifically the American black male experience-- through embodied inquiry to find spaces where identity exists between and in opposition to social constructs. This film guides us through narrative incorporating movement, spoken word, and chant, as it uncovers truths about race, gender, and success in an ever-changing social landscape.
Frame from Meltdown

Meltdown, 2020, Brazil, 4 min

Directed by Felipe Teixeira
Produced by Felipe Teixeira e Mariana Molinos
Choreography and dancing by Mariana Molinos
Featuring Felipe Teixeira e Mariana Molinos
Music by David Schombert
Cinematography by Felipe Teixeira
Non-existent, extended time. Immersed in itself. A woman finds herself absorbed and transformed in her feelings.

The Last Children, 2020, France, 10 min

Directed by Fu LE
Produced by Martin Rivarel, Alexander Viollet
Choreography by Fu LE
Featuring Tetrapode
Dancing by Michel Galaret and Pupils of the school of Saint-Martin-Labouval
Music composed by Julien Langlois
Cinematography by Alexander Viollet
In 2019, 400 French schools were affected by a reform merging concentrated isolated primary schools in centralized educational institutes. "The Last Children" is a choreographic film made in single-shot with the children of a school on the eve of its closure. Through a metaphorical fable, it bears witness to the achievement of the desertification in the rural world and the death of its villages.
Frame from Letter

Letter, 2017, Slovenia, 4 min

Produced and Directed by zeljko bozic
Choreography by zeljko bozic
Featuring kazina
Music by zeljko bozic
Cinematography by saso stih
Edited by zeljko bozic, nikola janusic
Director of Photography by saso stih
"Letter" deals with issues of self-esteem and self worth. These insecurities are dealt with daily but often left unspoken, since they are widely considered a weakness. The author reveals his own doubts to point out that we are in this together.
Frame from Searching for Wonder

Searching for Wonder, 2018, United States, 6 min

Produced and Directed by Greg Osei
Choreography and dancing by Abdiel Jacobsen
Featuring Abdiel Jacobsen Dance Collective
Music by Greg Osei
Edited by Leonardo Schober
Cinematography by Leonardo Schober
Searching for Wonder was inspired by conversations with fellow artists who have diverse relationships to the African Diaspora. These discussions highlighted how we all feel lost in different ways, because history, slavery, colonialism & fear have left many of us feeling disconnected, searching for something we can’t fully articulate. Searching for Wonder deals with the tremendous power we have to rediscover & reimagine ourselves through our ancestors, their gods, their cultures & our interconnectedness.
Frame from Hug Soon Comes

Hug Soon Comes (O Abraço Logo Vem), 2020, Brazil, 2 min

Directed by Paulo Accioly
Produced by Paulo Accioly, Bagaceira Filmes, Pedro Krull
Choreography by Paulo Accioly, Jeane Rocha, Samuel Pitta
Dancing by Jeane Rocha, Samuel Pitta
Music composed by Igor Peixoto
Cinematography by Perola Pitta
The present has long been no more important than the future. Without two kisses, without forró or punch the clock. Everything is far, everyone is far, but the hug soon comes.
Frame from T.I.A. (THIS is Africa)

T.I.A. (THIS is Africa), 2015, France, 7 min

Produced and Directed by Matthieu Maunier-Rossi
Choreography and dancing by Aïpeur Foundou
Music composed by Jon Hopkins
Cinematography by Matthieu Maunier-Rossi
Aïpeur Foundou is a Congolese dancer and choreographer. Amidst some popular areas of Brazzaville, he shows us one possible way to freedom.

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