Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Festival Programs, Fall 2013
Boedecker Theater, Dairy Center for the Arts (location)
with support from and in partnership with Dairy Center for the Arts

Wednesday, December 4 • 6:30 PM

with support from and in partnership with Dance Bridge and Boulder Public Library Cinema Program
All with support from BAC logoan agency of the Boulder City Council.
Different programs on each date:

The Boe, Sunday, October 20, 4:00 PM & 6:30 PM

Frame from Ondek

ONDEK, 2013, Canada, 6 min

Directed by Louis-Martin Charest
Produced by Simon Lebrun & Pascal Pelletier
Choreography by Veronica Felisi & Giulia Tripoli
Dancing by Alex Francoeur, Jeffrey T. Wolfe, Michael Malagisi, Jonathan Loyer, Tina Desrochers
Music by Fun
Cinematography by Arnaud Dumas
Edited by Guillaume Marin
Dance party!
Frame from Left Under

Left Under, 2013, USA, 5 min

Produced and Directed by Rachel Oliver
Choreography by Rachel Oliver
Dancing by Mandy Greenlee, Stephanie Lee, Kate Speer, & Jessica Troppman
Music by Rachel's
Filmmaker: Rachel Oliver
Plates, woman, water, field, past, and present - an attempt to understand and unwind the harried complexities of life for women.
Frame from Peripheral Vision (orginal: Ääreisnäkö)

Peripheral Vision (Ääreisnäkö), 2013, Finland, 16 min

Produced and Directed by Antti Ahokoivu
Choreography by Mia Jaatinen
Featuring Koe art community
Dancing by Mia Jaatinen, Heli Jaakola, Saara Hedman, & Ella Seikkala
Music composed by Antti Katajamäki
Cinematography by Olli Luoma-aho
Edited by Antti Ahokoivu
Forest exploration: four dancers and the trees.
Frame from No More Worry, No More Blue

No More Worry, No More Blue, 2013, USA, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Kathy Rose
Choreography and dancing by Kathy Rose
Music by Greg Boyer
Filmmaker: Kathy Rose
Floating apparations predominate in this music-video interpretation of the poetic Greg Boyer ballad.
Frame from Seven Theses

Seven Theses (Seitsemän teesiä), 2013, Finland, 12 min

Directed by Thomas Freundlich
Produced by Lumikinos Production
Choreography and dancing by Petri Kekoni
Featuring Petri Kekoni Company
Music by Antti Nykyri
Filmmaker: Thomas Freundlich
A kinetic and visual journey through surprising remixes of movement material.
Frame from Freefall

Freefall, 2012, UK, 3 min

Directed by Sima Gonsai and Babis Alexiadis
Produced by Mencap
Choreography by Lee Fisher
Music composed by Richard Syner
Cinematography by Sima Gonsai and Babis Alexiadis
Edited by Sima Gonsai
Lovely, simple, and compelling, this film highlights the work of the disabled dance company Freefall.
Frame from Low

Low, 2012, France, 18 min

Directed by Ludivine Large-Bessette
Produced by Raphaël Deslandes & Alice Bégon
Choreography by Marie Barbottin, Mathieu Calmelet, & Ludivine Large-Bessette
Dancing by Marie Barbottin & Mathieu Calmelet
Music by Nicolas Martz
Cinematography by Ludivine Large-Bessette
Edited by Juliette Alexandre
A romance - in the bed and in the pool - both full and empty.
Frame from Off Ground

Off Ground, 2013, The Netherlands, 12 min

Directed by Boudewijn Koole
Produced by Iris Lammertsma
Choreography by Jakop Ahlbom
Featuring Jakop Ahlbom
Dancing by Louise Lecavalier, Antoine Masson
Music composed by Alex Simu
Cinematography by Melle van Essen
Edited by Boudewijn Koole
Woman and boy, table and chair, wall and water - a simple, powerful duet.

The Boe, Sunday, November 10, 4:00 PM & 6:30 PM


DRAWING BLANK, 2012, Canada, 5 min

Directed by stefan verna
Produced by David Finch
Choreography and dancing by Emily Jean Honegger
Music composed by David Drury
Cinematography by Bill Kerrigan
Edited by stefan verna
A dream-like story of impermanence told through dance and stop-motion painting.
Frame from re'ver'ence

re'ver'ence, 2013, USA, 3 min

Directed by Mary Wohl Haan
Produced by HAAN Dances
Choreography by Mary Wohl Haan
Featuring HAAN Dances
Dancing by Mary Wohl Haan with musician Anthony Salvo
Music by Anthony Salvo
Filmmaker: Sabrina Cavins
In light, shadow, and sound, simple steps taken with respect and awe.
Frame from (Be) longing

(Be) longing, 2012, USA, 6 min

Directed by Tiffany S. Fish
Produced by Jacksonville Dance Theatre
Choreography by Tiffany S. Fish
Featuring Jacksonville Dance Theatre
Dancing by Tiffany S. Fish, Emily Cargill
Music by Sergi Rachmaninoff
Cinematography by Tiffany S. Fish, Joe Tamargo
Edited by Tiffany S. Fish
Chained to the pier, this dancer moves through the painful, frustrating and debilitating cycle of abuse.
Frame from Well Contested Sites

Well Contested Sites, 2012, USA, 13 min

Directed by Amie Dowling, Austin Forbord
Produced by Amie Dowling
Choreography by Amie Dowling, Natalie Greene
Dancing by Eric Garcia, Eric Camberos, Freddy Gutierrez, Gabe Stuckey, John Carnahan, Jordan Daniels, Justin Perkins, Reggie Daniels, Travis Rowland, Zachary Johnson
Music by Eli Nelson, King Britt
Cinematography by Kitfox Valentín
Edited by Austin Forbord
The prison experience - smart and touching.
Frame from LIttle Utopia

Little Utopia, 2012, USA, 5 min

Produced and Directed by Carol Kyles Finley
Choreography by Carol Kyles Finley
Featuring Carol Finley Dance Group
Dancing by Kaitlin Briggs, Jodie Saunders Carroll, Aleah Ham Darnell, Matney Murad, Kelsey Riner, Sheryl Scott, Ashley Spears, Courtney Patterson White
Music composed by Edgar Battle and Eddie Durham
Music performed by Benny Goodman
Filmmaker: Carol Kyles Finley
"Eu ou topos," the good place that's no place - a jazz dance octet.
Frame from Rooms

Rooms, 2013, USA, 6 min

Produced and Directed by Paul Sarvis
Choreography by Ana Keilson & Paul Sarvis
Dancing by Ana Keilson
Music composed by Lou Harrison: Suite for Violin and American Gemelan: Air
Music performed by Abel-Steindberg-Winant Trio
Cinematography by Jayson Labozzo and Andrew Reed
Edited by Jennifer Lilly
Old Woman played by Barbara Johnston
Familiarity, shelter, entrapment, memory, age, and youth are the themes of this solo in a bare room.
Frame from Molts (Mues)

Molts (Mues), 2013, France, 3 min

Produced and Directed by Florent Schwartz
Choreography by Florent Schwartz
Featuring Florent Schwartz
Dancing by Florent Schwartz & Bernice Lee
Music by Harun Bayraktar
Cinematography by florent schwartz
Edited by Florent Schwartz
Having captured a wild silhouette with an enchanted rope, a man realizes he's knotted in desire, like an insect in the web.
Frame from testimonials

testimonials, 2013, USA, 8 min

Directed by Jonah Einstein
Produced by Mike Townsend
Choreography by Lara Wilson
Featuring lara wilson dance project
Dancing by Courtney Giannone, David Gonsier, Marisa Martin, and Lara Wilson
Music by The Caretaker
Cinematography by Jonah Einstein
Edited by Lara Wilson
Lighting Design by Brian McCann
Costumes by BB Dakota
A dreamy quartet; fragments of memory; coming of age.

SOÑAR FLAMENCO, 2012, Spain, 16 min

Engrossing Spanish-language first person documentary of a flamenco dancer.

Outside in, 2011, Sweden, 10 min

Directed by Tove Skeidsvoll & Petrus Sjövik
Produced by Annelie Gardell
Choreography and dancing by Tover Skeidsvoll
Music by Johannes Burström
Cinematography by Petrus Sjövik
Edited by Nils Moström
Introspectively filmed by an intrusive crew, Cecilia dances inside a forest inside a studio.

Canyon Theater, We, Dec 4, 6:30 PM

photo by Libby Pratt
photo by Libby Pratt

890 Broadway, 2012, USA, 4 min

Directed by Marta Renzi
Produced by And Dancers, Inc.
Choreography by Marta Renzi
Dancing by Ching-I Chang & Jenny Tortorello
Music by Kevin MacLeod
Cinematography by Charles Caster-Dudzick
Edited by Marta Renzi
The duet of two women dressed to go out - but, who never do.
Frame from Stages

Stages, 2013, UK, 4 min

Produced by Mike Kovacs
Choreography by Adrienne Hart
Featuring Neon Dance
Dancing by Katie Lusby
Music composed by Tony Wade
Cinematography by Gabi Norland
Edited by William Casela
Production Design by Katharine Heath
Filmed in the deserted Welsh Assembly Chapel in London, a soloist responds to the chancing faces of urban edifices.
Frame from Wander/lost

Wander/lost, 2012, USA, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Gregory R.R. Crosby & Keith Johnson
Choreography and dancing by Keith Johnson
Music composed by Camille Saint-Saëns
Filmmaker: Gregory R.R. Crosby
This soloist plans his road-trip to loneliness.
Frame from Before Us

Before Us, 2013, USA, 8 min

Produced and Directed by Rebecca Salzer
Choreography by Rebecca Salzer
Dancing by Liam Clancy, Eric Geiger, Micah Kelleher, Ronan Kelleher
Music by Omar Ramos
Filmmaker: Tara Knight, Rebecca Salzer
Boys and their Dads - an unguarded exploration of maleness and community.
Frame from Elon + Emmanuelle

Elon + Emmanuelle, 2012, USA, 7 min

Directed by Natalie Galazka
Produced by Natalie Galazka & Melissa C. O'Brien
Choreography and dancing by Elon Höglund & Emmanuelle Lê Phan
Music by Garth Stevenson
Cinematography by Melissa C. O'Brien
Edited by Ross Baldisserotto
Charmed dancers observe their own duet in a magical street art fantasy.
photo by Frans De Backer
photo by Frans De Backer

Two sink, three float, 2011, Belgium, 7 min

Produced and Directed by Satya Roosens
Choreography by Satya Roosens
Dancing by Mirte Courtens, Simon Thomas-Train, Satya Roosens
Music composed by Giovanni di Domenico
Cinematography by Frans De Backer
Edited by Tom Syryn
Scenography by Kurt Demey
Costumes by Rosalie Spuijt
Three dancers find their balance on a platform and also explore the depths.
Frame from Global Tides

Global Tides, 2012, USA, 7 min

Directed by Linda Brieda
Produced by Charly Wenzel
Choreography by Charly Wenzel
Featuring Charly Wenzel & Dancers
Dancing by Charly Wenzel, Alessandra Giambelli, Gregory Manning, Kate Kelley, Karolina Kolodziej, Kristin Dexnis, Laure Duverger, Maegan Woodin, Svea Schneider, Tali Fickman, Tavia Odinak, Tiffani Rogers, Rebecca Silverman, Yuki Ishiguro, Manny Palad
Music by Shoichi Manabe
Cinematography by Ryo Murakami
Edited by Sal Caino, Liam Sabini
An international cadre of dancers contrast the fast-paced metropolis with the peaceful seashore.
Frame from Cartographie 11 - En Onze

Cartographie 11 - En Onze, 2012, Switzerland, 9 min

Directed by Lionel Baier
Produced by Philippe Saire
Choreography by Philippe Saire
Featuring Compagnie Philippe Saire
Dancing by Antonio Montanile, Benjamin Kahn, Philippe Chosson
Music composed by Moby
Cinematography by Lionel Baier
Edited by Cie Philippe Saire
The duality of masculinity - how to use strength without strength. Filmed in Lausanne.
Frame from aftermath

aftermath, 2013, USA, 11 min

Directed by Mollie Wolf
Choreography by Mollie Wolf
Music composed by Albert Mathias & The Bulgarian Voices
Cinematography by John Regalado & Danny Beard
Edited by John Regalado
Personal and contemplative exploration of grief after the loss of the family home to the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado.
Frame from PAS

PAS, 2013, USA, 3 min

Directed by Charli Brissey & Courtney Harris
Produced by Maeko Productions
Choreography by Charli Brissey & Courtney Harris
Featuring Maeko Productions
Dancing by Courtney Harris
Music by Cafe Accordion Orchestra
Filmmaker: Charli Brissey
Spoken text by Charli Brissey
Ballet terminology 101 - with a twist.
Frame from Off Ground

Off Ground, 2013, The Netherlands, 12 min

Directed by Boudewijn Koole
Produced by Iris Lammertsma
Choreography by Jakop Ahlbom
Featuring Jakop Ahlbom
Dancing by Louise Lecavalier, Antoine Masson
Music composed by Alex Simu
Cinematography by Melle van Essen
Edited by Boudewijn Koole
Woman and boy, table and chair, wall and water - a simple, powerful duet.