Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Sans Souci Brazil: 2nd edition - Screening C: Covid Films
In March 2020, SSF put out a challenge to dance filmmakers around the world: using recycled or new footage, create a dance film of 2 minutes or less. The idea was to get artists working on new projects while self-quarantining, and we asked them submit something that is fresh work, edited recently, even if the footage used was older. Theme/subject/form/content do not have to be related to quarantine or Covid-19.

This selection of films is one of four online screenings.
Looking for the Portuguese version? Check out our Brazilian website. To see each film's synopsis, credits, and more, see the info page.

Enjoy the show!

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Vote for your top 3 favorite films from each screening, and winners will receive an Audience Choice Award at the end of the season.