Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Highways Program, 2010
Highways Performance Space & Gallery @ the 18th Street Arts Center
1651 18th Street • Santa Monica, CA, USA
1/2 block N of Olympic • map • Tickets: 310.415.1459

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Frame from Window Shopping

Window Shopping, 2007, Culver City, CA, USA, 11 min

Produced and Directed by Alesia Young
Choreography by Alesia Young
Dancing by Julie Rose Friedrich (BODYTRAFFIC), Chris Stanley (Helios Dance Theatre)
Music by Music by Nino Rota, Gianfranco Plenizio, Animal Collective
Cinematography by Jon Edward Miller
Edited by Justin Malvin
Set Design by Stefanie Adcock
This dance film short explores life's passing preoccupations, like a woman's fixation on a pair of shoes in a shop window or a man's instant attraction to a stranger. Her journey to fulfill on her desire and his attempt to win her becomes one of self-discovery and longing played out in a quirky, surreal landscape
Frame from Expressive Processing

Expressive Processing, 2007, Porto, Portugal, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Helena Figueiredo
Dancing by Catarina Costa e Silva
Music by Pedro Marques
A dancer controls a virtual character, displacing her senses to her shadow. The event is registered by seven video cameras and the gesture, movement and articulation captured in those images are input to a music generation algorithm.
Frame from Fragility

Fragility, 2009, USA, 6 min

Directed by ana baer
Produced by ana baer carrillo
Choreography by kim olson
Featuring sweet edge
Dancing by kim olson, patrick mueller
Music composed by barry adamson
Filmmaker: ana baer carrillo
A couple grasps for intimacy in a bleak urban landscape, emerging from and collapsing into codependency.
Frame from The Encounter

The Encounter, 2008, Spain, 3 min

Directed by Fátima Tocornal
Produced by ob-art produccions
Choreography by Maria Stoyanova & Fátima Tocornal
Dancing by Maria Stoyanova & Tania Atanassova
Music composed by Bizet, Carmen, (Maria Callas)
"The encounter" is a collaboration between Fátima Tocornal, Maria Stoyanova and her mother, Tania Atanassova as a plastic artist. The search for identity, the tension face to the imposed model, or the liberation are represented in the posing game, catching the shadow of the figure, or dancing in a bubble.
Frame from Helenka

Helenka, 2008, Canada, 12 min

Directed by Karen Rose
Produced by Karen Rose/Ed Video Media Arts Centre
Choreography by Karen Rose
Featuring Company Karen Rose
Dancing by Ali English, Yvette Bon, Kelly Steadmen, Stephanie Toohill, Karen Rose
Music composed by Karl Snyder
Music performed by Karl Snyder, Dan Forsey
Cinematography by Dan Evans
Helenka is a unique and powerful dance film that follows the physical and emotional journeys of five women during a time of Nazi Regime. Their journeys are driven by emotion that is inextricably bound to the physical choreographic language. It is a testament to their solidarity, strength, and resilience. A viseral form of remembering.
Frame from Dcandanze

Dcandanze, 2008, Spain, 6 min

Directed by Pixel in Fact (Carlos Villar)
Choreography and dancing by Lakriado
Music composed by Alberto Perezsan, Ivàn Ruiz-Alejos, Carlos Villar & Munchausen
Video Editing by Marta GarcÌa Aguado
Sound Editing by Ivan Ruiz-Alejos & Alejandro Escutia
Dcandanze, a play on words between "can," "dance," and "decadence," reflects through the dance the spirit, the energy of an emblematic space, full of history and work. A space with its own life.
Frame from ROOPER

ROOPER, 2008, USA, 2 min

Produced and Directed by Kim Arrow
Choreography by Kim Arrow
Featuring Ponto Facto
Dancing by Kim Arrow
Music composed by Tara Tucker & Arnie Amura
Music performed by Tara Tucker & Arnie Amura: Mikanji: The Meeting Place
Using power-stilts, a man fails to hop with a mob of kangaroo but succeeds in making a dance
photo by Trish Simonite
photo by Trish Simonite

Palimpsest, 2010, USA, 12 min

Directed by Susanna Morrow
Produced by Ana Baer Carrillo
Choreography and dancing by Susanna Morrow
Filmmaker: Ana Baer Carrillo
A woman preoccupied with perfection attempts to learn from her mistakes by taking copious notes.
Grishka Caruge, Andrea Bescond & Stefanie Batten Bland; photo by Guillaume Le Grontec
Grishka Caruge, Andrea Bescond & Stefanie Batten Bland; photo by Guillaume Le Grontec

Shoplift, 2008, Paris, France, 3 min

Directed by Guillaume Le Grontec
Produced by Stefanie Batten Bland & Guillaume Le Grontec
Choreography by Stefanie Batten Bland
Dancing by Grishka Caruge, Andrea Bescond
Music composed by Mychael Danna
communication, a couple, an elevator
Frame from Moebius

Moebius, 2007, 8 min

Directed by Claudia Kappenberg
Produced by Andrew Downs
Choreography and dancing by Claudia Kappenberg
Music composed by Paul Schütze
"Moebius" combines virtual images and physical reality, the past and the present. The starting point for this piece is archive footage of children playing with a giant ball, whereby the ball causes the children to move while the children move the ball. The archive footage is projected onto a body to replay the dynamic of the game; the projected ball becomes the impulse for the body to move, while the body makes visible the images of the past. In this work the body is a kind of moebius strip, an infinite loop of self and other, past and present.
photo by Johan Candert
photo by Johan Candert

Homeward Bound, 2005, ÅKERSBERGA, Sweden, 9 min

Directed by Efva Lilja
Produced by Malcolm Dixelius
Choreography by Efva Lilja
Featuring E.L.D:
Dancing by Anna Koch, Helene Karabuda, Göran Blomqvist, Yvan Auzely
Music by Tommy Zwedberg
A film about a man and his journey through an outer landscape towards an inner one. Accompanying him on his journey are another man and two women. Together they move through a kind of dream-like state that only a floating life under water can create. There is space in water not only for pleasure and enjoyment but also for the desperate struggle, the resistance of the element, and the lack of oxygen it generates. Life and death. Good times and bad.
Frame from Head2Head

Head2Head, 2008, Hoboken, NJ, USA, 12 min

Produced and Directed by David Mathias
Choreography by Christina Towle
Dancing by Philippe Lbehar and Christina Towle
Music composed by David Mathias
With our sensory organs we hone in on those who surround us, like a camera zooming in on its subject; from the blur of anonymous faces emerges the physical and personal allure of certain individuals. Through these antennas we contact one another, choosing either to create a rapport of intimacy, or to separate ourselves as though within a bubble that surrounds and protects us. The duet, "Head2Head," is inspired by this moment of choice.
Frame from My 1st Big Break

My 1st Big Break, 2008, USA, 5 min

Directed by Kyle Ruddick
Produced by Eyestorm Productions
Dancing by Tom Lenk, Rachael Lincoln, Mark Stuver, d. Sabela Grimes, Raphael Xavier, Calvin Cheng, & Lou Genise
Music by Cut Chemist
Assistant Direction by Cari Ann Shim Sham*
This music video, shot in one take with a cast of 17, employs a strategy of blocking, camera choreography and dance choreography that was developed over months in an intense collaborative process.