Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Texas State Program, 2008

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photo by Vicky MacArthur
photo by Vicky MacArthur

This Bird Has Flown, 2008, USA, 16 min

Directed by Carrie Noel
Produced by keo Productions
Choreography by Rachael Lincoln
Dancing by Rachael Lincoln and Mark Stuver
Music composed by Cody Westheimer
Cinematography by Natalie Newman
Editing by Carlo Kamin Tatu
This fictional dance drama placed in the 1960s exposes the vulnerable yet quirky woman upon whom John Lennon based the ballad, "Norwegian Wood." The film is rich in surreal design and Beatles references and is topped off with exceptionally visceral choreography.
Frame from Duet with Doubt

Duet With Doubt, 2007, USA, 2 min

Produced and Directed by Elena TaJo
Choreography and dancing by Elena TaJo
Featuring Elena TaJo
Music by Elena TaJo
A woman confronts her shadow. Reading her mother's poem, "On Doubt," the woman engages with the unsavory presence and discovers how to start working.
Frame from Self Portrait

Self Portrait, 2008, USA, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Ana Baer
Choreography and dancing by Kim Olson
Editing by Caren Mc Caleb
An exploration of Self within dance and video.
Frame from Porch Stories

Porch Stories, 2006, USA, 17 min

Directed by Marta Renzi
Produced by And Dancer, Inc.
Choreography by Marta Renzi
Dancing by Arthur Aviles, Marta Miller, Leya Barsky, Sharon Wyrrick
Music composed by Steve Elson, Dion DiMucci, Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovky
Cinematography by Robin Doty
A neighborhood of adjacent and sometimes intersecting lives, lived mostly outdoors on porches and stairs. Including the ubiguitous boys on bikes, the scrabble playing gay guys from upstairs, and the next door neighbor with more than the usual touch of poetry in her soul.
Frame from Saliendo

Saliendo, 2006, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 7 min

Directed by Maria Gillespie and Kristy Tully
Produced by Oni Dance and True Pictures
Choreography by Maria Gillespie
Featuring Oni Dance
Cinematography by Kristy Tully
Music by Ginormous
The movement language of this work winds its way through the physical and psychological mechanics of leaving. Saliendo (translated as leaving) is part memory, part dream-state, part prophecy, all tumbling together in a kinetic passage through moments of separation. It encapsulates the tranquility and catalytic nature of attachment and departure.
Frame from Hell in a Handbasket

Hell in a Handbasket, 2008, USA, 2 min

Produced and Directed by M.Caren McCaleb
Choreography and dancing by M.Caren McCaleb
What's it all for?
Frame from The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water, 2007, Australia, 14 min

Directed by Cordella Beresford
Produced by Brook Wilson
Choreography by Narelle Benjamin
Featuring The Sydney Dance Company
Dancing by soloist, Alexa Heckmann
Music composed by Huey Benjamin
"The Shape of Water" is a sensory journey revolving around the idea of the mind and its inner workings, flowing back and forth like the sea, explores the symbolic connection between water and the human psyche.
Frame from Bounded Narcissus

Bounded Narcissus, 2007, USA, 7 min

Produced and Directed by Ana Baer
Choreography and dancing by Nathan Montgomery
Featuring Syzygy Butoh
Music by sigur rós
Nathan's performance is an adaptation of his stage piece, I am Undone, 2004. His movement (found in the excavation of the body) is an exploration of the raw and immediate physical place from which Butoh springs.
Frame from are you for real?

are you for real?, 2006, USA, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Cari Ann Shim Sham* and Kyle Ruddick
Choreography and dancing by Cari Ann Shim Sham*
Music by Low in the Sky
"are you for real?" explores the politics of a workingwoman through surrealistic imagery and organic movement. The film exposes the naked body as a moving art form. The film addresses how the heavy American workload and pace of life can literally affect, take over, and cover the physical being.