Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Sans Souci at Dairy Arts Center 2024
Boedecker Cinema at Dairy Arts Center
Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema is one of Boulder’s longstanding favorite arts organizations, and we’re so happy to return to one of our most beloved venues, the Boedecker Cinema at Dairy Arts Center for two separate programs this fall — Dancing on the Planet and Dancing as Ourselves.
Join us for a very special “locals’ only” screening…Colorado films of many kinds will pepper this lineup, representing the diverse dancers of the Front Range and mountains, of various ages, abilities, and styles. We are proud to return to the Boe to share the films created in our unique, ongoing Community Dance Film Project. The project began in 2021 when our Artistic Co-Director Michelle Bernier created the first Community Dance Film, “This Breath Together,” with 17 local dancers in iconic landmark sites around the city of Boulder. The project continues with professional dancer/choreographers Keith Haynes and Megan Roney, each taking the helm to direct their own dance films for the first time. These films will be accompanied in the lineup by several new selections for our upcoming 2024 season, as well as local films from our archive. Directly after the screening, you’ll have a chance to connect with attending filmmakers in a Q&A and interactive discussion, followed by complimentary refreshments in the lobby.
Dancing on the Planet is a curated dance film screening featuring shorts from the Hong Kong, France, the Bahamas, Japan, Austria, Thailand, Iran, the US and the UK, and it will remind you just how small you are, and how big this world can be. This collection of art shorts includes humorous, ingenious, site-specific, and narrative dance films repositions the viewer in relationship to the Earth, and connects our bodies to the places we call home, near and far. Through a multitude of dance forms, including ballet, contemporary, krump, and even the undefined, this screening illustrates that the range of humanity’s expression is as vast as the range of environments on the planet.
Dancing as Ourselves features shorts from the Canada, China, France, Russia, Romania, Ireland, and the US, and will remind you how similar we all are as humans across the globe, yet how different we can be. This collection explores the various aspects of being human as reflected by the body and movement. Through a multitude of dance forms, including ballet, contemporary, underwater acrobatics, and forms yet to be named, this screening illustrates that the range of humanity’s expression is as vast as the range of bodies we inhabit.

II: Dancing on the Planet - Sept 22 at 1pm & Sept 25 at 7pm

Hong Kong Ballet Tutu Academy, 2024, Hong Kong & United States, 2 min

Directed by Dean Alexander
Featuring Hong Kong Ballet
Creative & Art Direction by Pum Lefebure
Choreography & Artistic Direction by Septime Webre
At Tutu Academy, where tutus are the uniform, students of all characters (geeks to goths) express themselves through ballet—and bizarro hair. One odd day, a UFO lands and an alien enters the classroom. Eager to connect with the visitor who doesn’t speak earthly language, the teacher starts a dance conversation—followed by the entire class. At first, the alien struggles to learn the artful language, until he’s gifted a magical tutu. With fresh confidence, the green-hued stranger joyfully joins the dancing crew.

Whirlwind, 2024, France, 12 min

Directed by Doria Belanger
Produced by Angele De Lorme, Axelle Sourisse
Dancing by Lauren Bolze, Feroz Sahoulamide
Music Composed by Méryll Ampe
Cinematography by Georges Hauchard-Heutte
Edited by Leopold Belanger
Color Grading by Alice Prudhomme
In a deserted city thats seems to have escaped time, two solitary beings dance with the wind. From dust to dust, their encounter gives life to the elements. A physical and metaphysical tale on the origins of the wind.

The Deepest Dance, 2024, Bahamas, 4 min

Directed by André Musgrove
Dancing by Ariadna Hafez
Cinematography by André Musgrove
In the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas, underwater performer and professional dancer Arianda Hafez conducts a choreographed dance routine at depth on a variety of sunken shipwrecks while holding her breath. Directed and filmed underwater by Bahamian filmmaker André Musgrove, he combines his years of local knowledge and underwater expertise with the skills of Hafez from Spain to bring this performance of underwater mastery to life.

Urban Genesis, 2023, France, 18 min

Directed by Fu Le
Dancing by Khang Huu, DP 1936
Music Performed by Nhi Tang
Phuong is released from prison and returns to her native village. She finds Khang, her childhood sweetheart. Khang runs a brickyard, but everything has changed, modernity is shaking up the world of his memories. Urban Genesis is a journey to the last brickyard of An Hiep Island in the heart of the Mekong Delta.

Intermission, 2000, USA, 15 min

Enjoy the video installations. Stretch, snack, and mingle!
Frame from Intermission

Intermission, 2000, USA, 15 min

Enjoy the video installations. Stretch, snack, and mingle!

A Foreigner, 2023, Japan, 4 min

Dancing by Eiko Otake
Cinematography by Patrizia Herminjard
Edited by Patrizia Herminjard, Eiko Otake
Once a person is a foreigner, she never ceases to be a foreigner. No place is hers, except her shadow.

Door of No Return, 2024, United States, 16 min

Directed by Sylvia Solf, Suzanne Smith
Produced by Suzanne Smith, Nkosinathi Mncube
Dancing by Gregory Maqoma
Cinematography by Motheo Moeng
Edited by Annukka Lilja
Concept by Gregory Maqoma
A full body artist, Gregory Maqoma, navigates his own identity through a deeply personal narrative performed at House of Slaves on Goree Island, Senegal, a landmark to one of humanity’s most horrific journeys. Yearning for a way to move through past and present complexities, Gregory’s artistry breaks down walls and reframes history.

Shake Stew - Lila, 2023, Austria, 4 min

Directed by Rupert Höller
Dancing by Tamara Mayr
In a surreal dance video, a dancer is melting into a landscape of palm trees, rocks and ocean waves.

Evolution of Algae, 2024, Thailand, 1 min

Directed by Bella Poscente
Choreography and Dancing by Bella Poscente
Filmed on a remote island in Thailand, 'The Evolution of Algae' is a captivating exploration of life's journey, tracing the origins of cyanobacteria and our interconnectedness with the natural world. Experience the beauty and complexity of existence in this thought-provoking film.

In Plain Sight, 2021, Islamic Republic of Iran, 11 min

Directed by Tanin Torabi
Produced by Tanin Torabi, Sina Saberi
Dancing by Masoumeh Jalalieh, Tina Beyk Abbasi, Tanin Torabi
Cinematography by Masoud Banafsheh
Edited by Anis Eshraqi
Director Assistant by Mahsa Akbarabadi
Production Manager by Mahsa Abarabadi
In Plain Sight is the result of months of exploring urban movements on a boulevard in Tehran, Iran. In a society where many questions and restrictions exist around the concept of ‘movement’, three performers interact with their surroundings and thus become an integral part of the flow of the city. They accompany each other to find the power of collective movement. The journey is the destination.

Fenland Elegy, 2024, United Kingdom, 6 min

Directed by Dan Canham
Dancing by Katie Boag, Ash Goosey
Music Composed by Benji Bower
A short and stirring dance film shot at sunset in the Fens of East Anglia, Fenland Elegy is a collaboration between filmmaker Dan Canham, Krump dancers Katie Boag and Ash Goosey and composer Benji Bower (Terra Collective). The film combines heart-rending symphonic music with the immense technical and expressive form of Krump dance to lament the passing of a landscape, made as part of a residency through Norfolk & Norwich Festival.

III: Dancing as Ourselves - Oct 20 at 1pm & Oct 23 at 7pm

Refuge, 2023, Canada, 14 min

Directed by Marlene Millar
Produced by Marlene Millar, Sandy Silva
Choreography by Sandy Silva
Dancing by Drew Bathory, Sonia Clarke, David Cronkite, Dominic Desrochers, Afia Douglas, Isaac Endo, Helene Lemay, Kimberly Robin, Sandy Silva, Bobby Thompson
Cinematography by Kes Tagney
As our lives get mutated by different lands and cityscapes, what stays persistent? How do body memories get recycled / shared and where does the body-as-archive is practised to become a refuge to root ourselves during a migratory experience? The last film of the MDFP series draws from the corporeal memories of 10 dancers-singers who are engaged in a “movement through journeying process” of converging individual practices in a nomadic and rhythmic chorus of togetherness and home seeking/finding.

Duet, 2024, China, 2 min

Directed by Meng Yi Liu
Dancing by Meng Yi Liu, Lei Yi Liu
Cinematography by Xuan Zi Tang
Edited by Yue Niu
Executive Production by Tong Li Qin, Dong Xu Wang
Voice Over by Qian Hui Xu, Meng Yi Liu, Lei Yi Liu
It is a search and recognition of the identity of fraternal twin dancers. We share similar genes, but we are also searching for our own unique identity. We have both harmony and conflict, similarities and differences between us. We Feeling the complexity of identity and the importance of finding one's unique position. This is our dialogue with the environment, as well as our dialogue with our own souls.

In Silence is the Offering Presented , 2024, United States, 8 min

Produced and Directed by Li Chiao-Ping
Choreography by Li Chiao-Ping
Dancing by Li Chiao-Ping, Jacob Li Dai-Loong Rosenberg
Music Composed by Byron Au Yong
Filmmaker: Christal Wagner
Sound Design by Christal Wagner
his short screendance work takes its title "In Silence is the Offering Presented" from a quote attributed to Chinese philosopher Confucius, which is instructive of peace over violence. Looking across the body of water, memories of homeland and feelings of displacement merge as the two main characters, mother and son, find themselves as refugees. Home, hope, dreams, safety, security, and love can be found in the silence. With choreography and direction by Li Chiao-Ping, cinematography, editing, and sound design by Christal Wagner, music by Byron Au Yong, and performance by Li Chiao-Ping and Jacob Li Dai-Loong Rosenberg, the evocative images in “in silence is the offering presented” reflect their experimental and collaborative approach to this expressive work.

Love Becoming, 2024, United States, 3 min

Directed by Carter Javier McHargue, Caroline Alexandra Locke
Choreography and Dancing by Madeline Ly Nguyen
Music by Ruby Begay
A girl bored at home is transported into a fantastical world overcome with love.

Fraudulations, 2023, France, 4 min

Directed by Clara Lie & Caroline Grimprel
Dancing by Amalia Salle
Music Composed by Léo Agapitos
Cinematography by Fabio Caldironi
Edited by Laura Parade
Written by Clara Lie & Caroline Grimprel
Acting by Nina Perrin
Sonia works for a cubicle rental company. Her passionless job chains her to a soulless screen where she mechanically executes tasks under the trance of neon lights, lost in the shadows of corporate servitude. When a fraudulent call triggers the void of her work station, Sonia's pent-up frustration erupts, unleashing a storm of chaos, It's the breaking point she's been waiting for. "Fraudulations" humorously explores her descent into madness, through the endless, winding corridors of her workplace propelled by an uplifting soundtrack.

Diana, 2023, Russian Federation, 8 min

Directed by Anna Melikyan
Produced by Dmitry Litvinov, Ekaterina Kononenko
Dancing by Diana Vishneva
Music Composed by J.S. Bach
The pavilion space flashes for a moment with the music of Bach and the dance of ballerina Diana Vishneva.

Intermission, 2000, USA, 15 min

Enjoy the video installations. Stretch, snack, and mingle!
Frame from Intermission

Intermission, 2000, USA, 15 min

Enjoy the video installations. Stretch, snack, and mingle!

[Ship of Fools], 2021, Romania, 21 min

Directed by Gabriel Durlan
Dancing by Alexandra Balasoiu, Virginia Negru, Denis Bolborea, Cătălin Diaconu
[Ship of Fools] is a dance-film created as a ritual of embracing chaos and absurdity of daily lives. Four performers travel through a multitude of spaces, in an empathic ”sailing boat,” that allows them to encounter their complex inner worlds with patience and understanding, softening expectations and breaking down stereotypes. They embrace the diversity of feeling and behaviour, finding in movement creative and poetic ways that nourish their ability to embrace the unknown and to come at peace with the all-surrounding absurdity. Dance becomes a way to survive as a soul and to dive safely into your depths.

Body Landscapes, 2024, United States, 4 min

Directed by cari ann shim sham*
From a dream. Self portraits of my emotional states to process the experience of going through breast cancer during the pandemic.

Aquafoot, 2016, France, 7 min

Directed by Kitsou Dubois
Produced by Ki Productions, City of Paris
Choreography by Kitsou Dubois
Music Composed by Cyril Hernandez
Underwater Acrobats by Jorg Muller, Bertrand Lombard
Kitsou Dubois, choreographer of weightlessness, has always been inspired by gestures and body movements outside the dance world. She wants to share with the public a new vision of the gesture in football. Kitsou Dubois invites two renowned circus artists to take inspiration from the most beautiful gestures and passes. She plunges them under water for the filming of an artistic film, "Aquafoot."

After The Reign: Confusion, 2018, United States, 1 min

Produced and Directed by Jennifer Scully-Thurston
Dancing by Sharon Carelock
Music Composed by Christopher Scully-Thurston
Edited by Dustin Glasco
Synopsis coming soon...

This Is It | 8 Dance Portraits, 2024, Ireland, 50 min

Directed by Laura Murphy
Produced by Little Fountain Productions
The worth of a dancer’s career is often measured by the time spent in the limelight. Yet a dancer’s experience of their career extends beyond the stage. An innovative series of short films focused on women in dance in Ireland, This is it reveals unspoken values that are often difficult to articulate and easy to forget, creating a unique living archive of untold stories. “Dancers have notoriously short careers. The dance artist and director Laura Murphy graciously offers greater longevity by noting them in this film. A collection of multimedia portraits, this welcome exploration challenges notions of what we view as success” – The Irish Times

A Movement Deeper Than Dancing, 2024, France, 2 min

Produced and Directed by Katya Mokolo
Choreography by Madaline Madlinez Riley
Featuring Madaline Madlinez Riley
Music Composed by Axel Guenoun
Edited by Thomas Penot
First AC by Bill Fabre
Synopsis coming soon...

I: Locals Only - May 18 at 2pm

Home|Room, 2024, United States, 5 min

Directed by Keith Haynes
Produced by Michelle Bernier
Dancing by Vivian Kim, Jessica Bertram-Williams, Keith Haynes
Music Composed by Josh Torrison
Filmmaker: Jesse Rarick
I feel confined/stuck. In this home. In this room. In this mind. Confined to both psychological and physical space. Stuck in a continuous, never ending loop. Ever changing but staying the same. I feel confined…stuck in this Home/Room. This film was created as a part of Sans Souci Festival's Community Dance Film Project, with funding from the City of Boulder Arts & Culture.

Follow the Flow, 2022, United States, 13 min

Produced and Directed by Alexandra Lockhart
Choreography by Alexandra Lockhart
Featuring Move To Project
Music Composed by Nathan Wheeler, Paul DeHaven
Filmmaker: Souki Mehdaoui
"Follow the Flow" is an environmental dance film focused on bringing awareness to the water crisis of the Colorado River. A dancer, rawly integrated into the environment, illustrates a symbiotic relationship with the river, while exemplifying how paramount it is to remember humans are intertwined with this river in everyday life. The grandeur and nuance of the river is emphasized while following it through diverse environments from the headwaters in Colorado, through Utah, and to the final stretch of the river in Yuma Valley.

Great Divide by King Bee, 2023, United States, 4 min

Directed by Fox Linnea Drickey, Sarah Megyesy
Produced by Fox Linnea Drickey
This is an original music video for the band King Bee, starring Shilpi Gupta and filmed by Sarah Megyesy.
Frame from Gusts

Gusts, 2022, United States, 3 min

Directed by Christiana Wheeler, Thomas Wingerd
A dance film about the ebb and flow of wind and the movement inspired by it.

Lost, 2023, United States, 6 min

Directed by Kristen Helen Poppe
Choreography and Dancing by Kristen Helen Poppe
Music Composed by Pharis Romero, Jason Romero
Cinematography by Mimi Hayes, Lindsay Cole
Edited by Kristen Helen Poppe
Lured into a closed restaurant by mysterious music, a dancer discovers a rhythmically-inclined ghost. After dancing, which pleases the ghost, the dancer leaves, touched by the experience.

Ekphrasis, 2018, United States, 2 min

Directed by Adina Glickstein
Dancing by Shai Hettler
A short film shot on super 8 in Prospect Park, New York, and processed by hand.

Innate Stimulate, 2024, United States, 8 min

Directed by Megan A Roney
Produced by Michelle Bernier, Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema
Choreography by Sydney Preston, Lara Lea Roney, Megan Roney
Dancing by Kayla Clark, Aleighya Dawkins, Chris Hatfield, Brittney Hietala, Natalie Jackson, Laura Morales, Greg Morgan, Sydney Preston, Lara Lea Roney, Nathaniel Roney, Mykayla Solorio
Music Composed by Thunderboogie
Filmmaker: Scott Rowland
Guest Performance by Leo Luna Barraza, Ximena Luna Barraza, Mason Butts, Izan Nichols
Visual Artwork by Kurt Redeker
Follow the bass to the place where the beat moves your feet, and catch a dose of dopamine on the dance floor. This film was created as a part of Sans Souci Festival's Community Dance Film Project, with funding from the City of Boulder Arts & Culture.