Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

"Dance is Like a Fine Wine" with VIVA Theater

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Frame from Quiet Emotions

Quiet Emotions, 2017, Finland, 29 min

Directed by Teemu Kyytinen
Produced by Reetta-Kaisa Iles
Choreography by Reetta-Kaisa Iles
Featuring Tsuumi Dance Company
Dancing by Alpo Aaltokoski, Marjo Kuusela, Reijo Kela, Ervi Sirén
Music by Taito Hoffrén, Eero Grundström
Cinematography by Teemu Kyytinen, Thomas Freundlich
Edited by Teemu Kyytinen
A warm and intimate documentary where four legendary and charismatic characters of Finnish dance share their thoughts about dance as an art form, profession and social interaction. The documentary follows the creation process of a dance performance, by choreographer Iles, where the established contemporary dance artists are positioned as performers in a piece exploring social and ballroom dance vocabulary. Alongside the artistic process these prominent dance artists sit down for candid conversations about the fundamentals of dance, how dancing has carried on for decades and their relations to social dancing. Through their reminiscences and vivid performances one is able to read into the history of Finnish dance culture and the rapid change of society in recent decades.
Frame from le passage du temps

le passage du temps, 2014, USA, 8 min

Directed by Jen Guy Metcalf
Produced by Elon University and Elon in LA
Choreography by Jen Guy Metcalf
Featuring TERRANOVA Dance Theatre
Dancing by Heather Leffler, Allister Dahlberg, Allynne Noelle, Alex Castillo, Gianna Jigarhan, Dan Collins
Music by Philip G. Anderson
Cinematography by J McMerty
Edited by Ben Stringfellow
Costumes by Karl Green
Danced by three couples of different ages, boy and girl meet on a beach and their love binds them as they dance together through life.
Frame from Lay Me Low

Lay Me Low, 2015, Canada, 8 min

Directed by Marlene Millar
Produced by Sandy Silva
Choreography by Sandy Silva
Dancing by Andrew Bathory, Sonia Clarke, David Cronkite, Dominic Desrochers, Josée Gagnon, Josianne Laporte, Hélène Lemay, Kimberly Robin, Sandy Silva, Bobby Thompson
Music Composed by Traditional Shaker song
Music Performed by Performers
Cinematography by Geoffroy Beauchemin & Peter Krieger
Edited by Marlene Millar
Sound design by Felix Boivert
This Shaker mourning march cuts to the heart, communicating a universal feeling of loss while evoking a sense of intimacy.

Contemplations at Seventy, 2012, France, 6 min

Directed by Ana Baer
Produced by Nancy Spanier
Choreography and Dancing by Nancy Spanier
Featuring Performance Inventions
Music by Mairi Campbell
Filmmaker: Ana Baer
Second Camera by Xavier Hirissou
A visual haiku celebrating the life and art of Nancy Spanier at seventy.
Frame from Juliet, Juliet & Juliet

Juliet, Juliet & Juliet, 2017, Sweden, 9 min

Directed by Giovanni Bucchieri
Produced by Isabella Rodriguez
Choreography by Giovanni Bucchieri
Dancing by Ana Laguna, Stina Ekblad, Giovanni Bucchieri
Music by Stefan Levin
Cinematography by Kristoffer Jönsson
Edited by Viktor Skogqvist
Dancer Ana Laguna, actress Stina Ekblad, and choreographer/director Giovanni Bucchieri join forces in this expressive story about an unexpected meeting.
Frame from Sound and Sole

Sound and Sole, 2018, United States, 6 min

Produced and Directed by Cara Hagan
Choreography and Dancing by Arthur Grimes
Music Performed by Tray Wellington, Old Crow Medicine Show
Filmmaker: Robert Uehlin
Arthur Grimes was born and raised in the Appalachian mountains, and is the only professionally working African-American buck dancer in Boone, North Carolina. In this short documentary, Arthur recounts his dance journey from eager youth to professional master, gives us a glimpse into his performance experience, and demonstrates his deep love for Appalachian music, dance and history.