Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Sans Souci at the Boe, 2016
Boedecker Theater, Dairy Center for the Arts
with support from and in partnership with Dairy Center for the Arts
With support from
Boulder County Arts Alliance
Different programs at each screening:

The Boe, Sunday, October 30, 7:00 PM


DRAWING BLANK, 2012, Canada, 5 min

Directed by stefan verna
Produced by David Finch
Choreography and dancing by Emily Jean Honegger
Music composed by David Drury
Cinematography by Bill Kerrigan
Edited by stefan verna
A dream-like story of impermanence told through dance and stop-motion painting.
Frame from Reborn

Reborn, 2015, UK, 5 min

Produced and Directed by Andrew Margetson
Choreography by Alastair Marriott
Featuring Royal Ballet
Dancing by Lauren Cuthbertson
Music composed by DJ Dials & Sebastian Plano
Music performed by c/o DJ Dials & Sebastian Plano
Cinematography by Federico Alfonzo
Edited by David Webb
Lauren Cuthbertson, principal dancer at the Royal Ballet coming back from a career-threatening injury, reveals the beauty and brutality of being a top ballerina.
Frame from Apostasy

Apostasy, 2015, USA, 12 min

Produced and Directed by H. Paul Moon
Choreography and dancing by Paul Singh
Music by Chester Hawkins
Filmmaker: H. Paul Moon
"Apostasy" means abandonment or renunciation of belief. Projected into our world of epidemic gun violence, this film is about shaking free from conflict, and destroying oneself – to embrace apostasy, and find peace.
Frame from Infinite Journey

Infinite Journey, 2016, South Korea, 5 min

Produced and Directed by Yeajean Choi, an emerging artist
Choreography by Yeajean Choi
Dancing by Texas Woman's University M.F.A students
Music composed by Westin Portillo
Cinematography by Yeajean Choi/ Dooho Kim
Edited by Yeajean Choi
Dancers take a journey through projected images of travel.
Frame from Exquisite Corps

Exquisite Corps, 2016, USA, 6 min

Produced and Directed by Mitchell Rose
Choreography by 42
Dancing by Bebe Miller, David Dorfman, Victoria Marks, Kyle Abraham, Andrea Miller, Joe Goode, Sara Pearson, Pavel Zuštiak, Doug Varone, Liz Lerman, David Rousseve, Kate Weare, Ann Carlson, Stephan Koplowitz, Larry Keigwin, Mark Dendy, Sidra Bell, Vicky Shick, Susan
Music composed by Robert Een
Music performed by Robert Een, Hearn Gadbois, Carter Burwell, Anne DeMarinis
Edited by Mitchell Rose
42 American contemporary choreographers link together on a chain love letter to dance.
Frame from fragment of an empty dream

fragment of an empty dream, 2016, USA, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Jeanine McCain
Choreography by Jeanine McCain
Dancing by Gina Masciarelli
Filmmaker: Jeanine McCain
Alone in abandoned rooms, caught in the small spaces between the inside and the outside, a dancer reflects on forgotten dreams of the past and the future.
Frame from That's it

That's it, 2013, Belgium, 16 min

Directed by Sabine Molenaar & Lisa de Boeck
Produced by Sabine Molenaar, an emerging artist
Choreography and dancing by Sabine Molenaar
Featuring Sandman
Music by Emilian Gatsov
Cinematography by Lisa de Boeck
Edited by Sabine Molenaar & Lisa de Boeck
Nightmare dreamscapes morph the personages into creatures hidden in the darkest spirals of discomfort, where dreams end and reality begins.
Frame from Swirling Past

Swirling Past, 2016, USA, 5 min

Produced and Directed by Duston Spear, an emerging artist
Choreography by Cynthia Fuller-Kling
Dancing by Andre Noel , Cynthia Fuller-Kling
Music composed by Hughes de Courson
Music performed by 'Lambarena'
Cinematography by Jon-Marc Seimon
Edited by Miah Artola
Dancing through domination, 'Swirling Past' examines slavery through the nostalgic veil of southern racism.
Frame from Elon + Emmanuelle

Elon + Emmanuelle, 2012, USA, 7 min

Directed by Natalie Galazka
Produced by Natalie Galazka & Melissa C. O'Brien
Choreography and dancing by Elon Höglund & Emmanuelle Lê Phan
Music by Garth Stevenson
Cinematography by Melissa C. O'Brien
Edited by Ross Baldisserotto
Charmed dancers observe their own duet in a magical street art fantasy.

The Boe, Sunday, November 6, 1:00 PM

Frame from Behind the Wall

Behind the Wall, 2015, USA, 17 min

Directed by Bat-Sheva Guez
Produced by Bat-Sheva Guez & Gina Bouchard
Choreography by Krista Racho-Jansen
Dancing by Alexandra Turshen, Karen Lynn Gorney, Lou Patane
Music by Mark Orton
Cinematography by Giacomo Belletti
Edited by Bat-Sheva Guez
Production Designer by James Bartol
An injured dancer discovers a magical surprise behind the wall in her new apartment.
Frame from Self D i s t i l l a t i o n

Self D i s t i l l a t i o n, 2016, USA, 6 min

Produced and Directed by EKGROW
Choreography by EKGROW
Dancing by EKGROW & Sarah Sandoval
Music by Ryan Wurst
Cinematography by Erin Malley
Edited by EKGROW & Zoë Mountain
color by Zoë Mountain
Two women, together yet isolated, each struggle with self in this foreboding duet.
Frame from the promise

the promise, 2015, Canada, 5 min

Directed by Jason Karman
Produced by Robin Chan, Jason Karman, Sean Arden
Choreography by Nicolo Fonte
Featuring Oregon Ballet Theatre
Dancing by Avery Reiners, Chauncey Parsons Hildestad
Music by Stefan Smulovitz
Cinematography by Stirling Bancroft
Edited by Jason Karman
Stereography by Sean Arden
Set in an open field, two men travel together, exploring the romantic connection they share and the sacrifices made to achieve personal fulfillment. Funded by: Dance Film Association, National Film Board of Canada, Emily Carr University, The Dance Centre, Like Minded Media and LNG Studios
Frame from Ravages

Ravages, 2015, Canada, 14 min

Directed by Alan Lake
Produced by Pierre-René Bonette
Choreography by Alan Lake
Featuring Alan Lake Factory
Dancing by David Rancourt, Arielle Warnke St-pierre, Esther Rousseau-Morin and Dominic Caron
Music composed by Antoine Berthiaume
Cinematography by François Gamache
Edited by Jason Arbour
In an abstract narrative, the human bodies confront what is perishable and destroyed.


Directed by Daniel Moshel
Produced by Daniel Moshel, August Schram
Music composed by Carl Orff
Cinematography by Arturo Delano Smith
Edited by Christin Gottscheber
Performers by August Schram and Elfriede Wunsch
After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed!
Frame from Off Ground

Off Ground, 2013, The Netherlands, 12 min

Directed by Boudewijn Koole
Produced by Iris Lammertsma
Choreography by Jakop Ahlbom
Featuring Jakop Ahlbom
Dancing by Louise Lecavalier, Antoine Masson
Music composed by Alex Simu
Cinematography by Melle van Essen
Edited by Boudewijn Koole
Woman and boy, table and chair, wall and water - a simple, powerful duet.