Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Sans Souci at the Boe, 2015
Boedecker Theater, Dairy Center for the Arts
with support from and in partnership with Dairy Center for the Arts
Partially funded by
Boulder Arts Commission
Boulder County Arts Alliance
Different programs at each screening:

The Boe, Sunday, October 25

Never Finished: Explorations at the Finnish, 2015, USA, 5 min

Directed by Megan Lowe
Choreography and dancing by Megan Lowe
Music by Megan Lowe
Cinematography by Danny Nguyen
Edited by Megan Lowe
Door, bench, floor and more. Site-specific space comes to life as the soloist explores its dimensionality, texture, and patterns.
Frame from Subsurface

Subsurface, 2015, Finland, 7 min

Directed by Thomas Freundlich
Choreography and dancing by Jussi Väänänen & Katja Koukkula
Music by Kimmo Pohjonen
Filmmaker: Thomas Freundlich
Costume Design by Jenni Ahtiainen
Archaic elements of nature are metaphors for the multiple levels of a relationship.
Frame from Post Op

Post Op, 2014, France, 7 min

Produced and Directed by Nancy Spanier
Choreography by Nancy Spanier
Featuring Performance Inventions
Dancing by David Capps and Paul Oertel
Music composed by Franz Schubert
Filmmaker: Xavier Hirissou
A lyrical poetic tribute — a gateway into human intimacy, tenderness, and vulnerability. A coming together and a sharing of similarly impactful experiences — memories and reflections distilling down to what is essential. A celebration of healing...

SYMMETRY, 2015, The Netherlands, 53 min

Directed by Ruben van Leer
Produced by CTM Pictures
Choreography by Lukas Timulak
Featuring Nederlands Danstheater
Dancing by Shirley Essenboom, Celia Amade, Cesar Faria Fernandes, Joeri Dubbe
Music composed by Joep Franssens & Henry Vega
Music performed by Cappella Choir Amsterdam
Cinematography by Paul Ozgur
Edited by Amber Hooijmans
Soprano by Claron McFadden
Particle phycisist by Mirko Pojer
A particle physicist becomes a dancer while searching for the theory of everything in the dance-opera shot in the CERN Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. The accompanying documentary, 'Symmetry Unravelled,' describes the film- and dance-making process.

The Boe, Sunday, November 22

Frame from Housewarming

Housewarming, 2015, USA, 9 min

Directed by Carrie Richer
Produced by Hole Dance Films
Choreography by Kate Kosharek
Featuring Hole Dance Films
Dancing by Michaela Ellingson and Luke Zender
Music composed by Pink House Music
Music performed by Madelaine German and Dusty Nichols
Cinematography by Katy Bell
Edited by Carrie Richer
With choreography reflecting the couple's humorous relationship, pre-party frenzy meets a comical end.

ferry, 2014, USA, 3 min

Directed by Jennifer Keller
Produced by Denise Wade
Choreography by Jennifer Keller
Dancing by Jenna Liberati
Music composed by Sept Ans Sur Mer
Music performed by Elita, Mary, and Ella Hoffpauir
Cinematography by Matthew Gonzales
Edited by Jennifer Keller
Sound recorded by Sigo Tseng
Boom operated by Jazmyne Koch
Remembering a happier past, a woman resists inevitable change at the remains of an old ferry docking station.
Frame from Crushing Weight

Crushing Weight, 2014, Brazil, 4 min

Directed by Vinícius Cardoso
Produced by Guilherme Frota
Choreography and dancing by Irupé Sarmiento
Music by Thiago Pethit
Cinematography by Diogo Martins
Edited by Vinícius Cardoso
Contrasting strange and beautiful, a ballerina explores a decrepit hospital in São Paulo, now converted to an art gallery.

Down for the Count, 2015, USA, 5 min

Directed by Erika Randall and Daniel Beahm
Produced by
Choreography by Teena Marie Custer
Dancing by Teena Marie
Music by Andy Hasenpflug
Cinematography by Daniel Beahm
Edited by Jonas Bendsen
Costume Design by Markas Henry
Script by Erika Randall
In this 70s flavored Hip Hop Dance Theatre piece, b-girl Teena Marie, chameleoned as four distinct characters, fights a battle of wills and skills against herself.
Frame from Ward of State

Ward of State, 2014, Australia, 29 min

Directed by Sarah-Jane Woulahan
Produced by Claire Marshall
Choreography by Claire Marshall
Featuring Claire Marshall
Dancing by Richard Causer, Chafia Brooks, Libby McDonnell, Mariana Paraizo
Music composed by Susan Hawkins
Music performed by Collusion Music Australia
Cinematography by Kevin Holloway
Edited by Jane Wallace
Story and concept by Claire Marshall
This dramatic and powerful narrative about a girl made a ward of the state is based on Claire Marshall's own family history research.
Frame from Silent Rooms

Silent Rooms, 2014, Israel, 10 min

Directed by Ran Raviv
Produced by Gal Nae
Choreography by Elad Schechter
Featuring c.a.t.a.m.o.n Dance Group in Jerusalem
Dancing by Sofia Krantz, Tom-Lev Dekel, Yoav Kleinman, Elad Schechter
Music composed by Or Sarfati
Cinematography by Gal Rumbak
Edited by Brit Harel
A young girl learns about life by peeking into rooms inhabited by dancers. Filmed in the abandoned Bet Arza, formerly a prestigious sanatorium.
Frame from Ensō

Ensō, 2014, USA, 12 min

Produced and Directed by Faith Morrison and Robert Uehlin
Choreography by Faith Morrison
Dancing by Robin Ewing, Faith Morrison, Cecily Wechter, and Rosie Yerke
Music composed by Andris Balins, Marco Raaphorst, Noveller, and Kohfra T & Ghofra Z
Cinematography by Robert Uehlin
Edited by Faith Morrison and Robert Uehlin
Conveying a kinesthetic experience of sand, grasses, sea, and space, 'Ensō' was filmed in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.