Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Best of Sans Souci 2023: a dance film installation at Museum of Boulder
a 2 month dance film installation
July 9 - Aug 30
Sans Souci is pleased to collaborate once again with our favorite venue and presenting partner, Museum of Boulder. "Best of Sans Souci 2023" is a film exhibit celebrating SSF’s 20th Anniversary Season. This collection was curated from staff favorites selected from our 20th annual festival season, many of which screened at Museum of Boulder on Labor Day Weekend in 2023. Installation films were chosen based on artistic excellence, significance within the festival, diversity in representation, and program variety, and they include a variety of artists from local Boulderites to internationally renowned dancers.

If you love what you see, join us for premiere weekend 2024 for all new films, virtual reality, and more!

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Maracatu vs Passinho, 2022, Brazil, 3 min

Directed by Rodrigo Pépe, Priscila Paciência
Produced by Aline Alves
Choreography by Priscila Paciência
Cinematography by Helder Tavares
In the videodance "Maracatu vs Passinho" we invited a Passinho dancer and a Caboclo de Lança to present some of their expressions in a friendly duel.

Shelf Life, 2023, United States, 4 min

Directed by Peter Litwinowicz
Dancing by Dancers from Amy Seiwert's Imagery: Sarah Cecilia Bukowski, Brandon "Private" Freeman, Danielle Fu, Liang Fu, James Gilmer
Music Composed by Chopin
Music Performed by Garrick Ohlsson
Animator by Peter Litwinowicz
Set Decoration by Richard Robertson
Inspired by the whimsical fruit and vegetable portraits of Arcimboldo, "Shelf Life" is a magical look at what might be dancing in the corners of our homes.

Blind Dreamers [•32°N 145°W•], 2022, France, 6 min

Produced and Directed by Sandra Geco
Choreography by Sandra Geco
Dancing by Jean-Yves Phuong, Sandra Geco
Cinematography by David Masson
A visual fable with poetic notes that oscillate between reality and surrealism to reveals a universe mixing plastic, landscape and poetry. We discover a couple looking like René Magritte's lovers who have exchanged their veil against a plastic bag.In research of sensitivity, this video fable question our rupture with the rest of the living world and our (in)ability to identify with it.We are this living being caught in a trap: how could we forget about it?"

Absent Presence, 2023, Italy, 1 min

Directed by Giorgia Ponticello
Choreography by Giorgia Ponticello
Cinematography by Jody Hinterleitner
Sound Design by Simone Meneghelli
To perceive, from the Greek "touch at a distance." "Absent Presence" is the surreal journey of a disconnected body in an attempt to find itself in the spaces of an empty house. A game of perceptions, between the ambiguity of reflections and distorted shadows, which leads the viewers to wonder about the relativity of what they are watching: what is real to us? What can I move and what moves me?"

Handstitched, 2022, United States, 10 min

Directed by Virginia Broyles, Chris Lee
Produced by Virginia Broyles
Choreography by Virginia Broyles
Cinematography by Alex Lee
Creator by Virginia Broyles
Five people venture to a secret meadow tucked behind snow capped mountains to participate in a ritual of their own making. Together, they delight in dream logic and ceremonial uncanny through their mischievous traditions.

Two Hands, 2023, United States, 2 min

Directed by Jeanine McCain, Brian Hapcic
Dancing by Peg Volpe Posnick
coming soon

Step by Step, 2022, United Kingdom, 5 min

Produced and Directed by Andrew Margetson
Choreography by Didy Veldman
Featuring The Royal Ballet
Dancing by Lauren Cuthbertson
Music Composed by Nemanja Mosurovic
A portrait of star ballerina, Lauren Cuthbertson, returning to dance after having a baby.

La Galerie, 2021, Canada, 11 min

Directed by Loup-William Théberge
Produced by Sophie Dubé
Choreography by Loup-William Théberge
Featuring La Machine de Cirque
Cinematography by Felippe
Edited by Loup-William Théberge
During a nighttime visit to a museum, an unforeseen connection between a woman and a painting triggers an unexpected journey between the real and the unreal.

Offering, 2023, Canada, 5 min

Directed by Marlene Millar
Produced by Marlene Millar, Sandy Silva, Kathy Sperberg
Choreography by Sandy Silva
Dancing by Sonia Clarke, David Cronkite, Dominic Desrochers, Omar Motion Carter, Afia Douglas, Issac Endo, Hélène Lemay, Chloe Hart, Louis Roy, Sana Hutchison, Rachel Hutchison, Edai Larobina, Kimberly Robin, Mathilde Richer, Bobby Thompson
"Offering" creates a meaningful convergence between the Migration Dance Film Project’s body percussion artists and emerging artists from dance (gigue, contemporary, street) and circus arts. The choreography uses the power of procession in Montreal’s urban borough of Little Burgundy to amplify its storyline of (re)imagined homescape in the era of mid-pandemic. The procession formed by movement artists from across communities weaves its way through urban corridors, neighbourhoods, green spaces — an uncoiled assemblage of nomadic storytellers anchored in the intimate knowledge of individual and shared experiences in unison. "Offering" imbues movement in stillness within our city and takes refuge in its powerful migratory patterns traced across our urbanscape.

Balada Triste, 2022, United States, 2 min

Directed by Cristian Velasco
Produced by Bryan Berrios, Christian Velasco
Choreography and Dancing by Tate Justas
Music Composed by Francisco Pisano, Ben Molar
Music Performed by Raphael
Cinematography by Bryan Berrios
Executive Director by Patrick Trettenero
When I walk around in public spaces I usually want to stop and linger. In the forward motion of getting from A to Z as quickly as possible something perverted enters. A trailing finger, a hidden grip on a pole, sinking into grass like putty, kissing a probably dirty window, getting off on people watching me flout against the code. I move and dance around because I feel a charge to spaces that are loaded with rules. Rules are fun to break. Dance would have us believe there is a right and wrong way to break them, but there is something more rhythmic and primal at work in movement. It precedes dance. Dance can have profound impacts on regulating our emotions and nervous systems, however because many people think they can’t dance they then stay far away from movement. This comes at a great loss for us. Maintaining that throughline of desire to things is vital. For me it keeps things juicy and buoyant. It lets me keep something for myself. This character is for the part of us that likes to be dressed up but go off kilter. It’s the adrenaline rush of being late for the boss, or running off with a piece of fruit. There is a broken toy in this man, a last clown standing; a child that still remains intact and at large. When I have worked 9-5 jobs lunch break was a broadly erotic time because it was a chance to be a body. A gulp of possibility sandwiched in between otherwise impossible hours. He is but a momentary ant galavanting through a deserted hive.

Sole, 2022, United States, 6 min

Directed by Irina Khokhlova
Dancing by Mizoho
"Sole" is a short dance film exploring themes of individual autonomy, coexistence within the group, celebration of individuality within a group.