Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Sans Souci at Museum of Boulder: 21st Annual Festival Premiere
Join Sans Souci for a night to remember as we return to The Museum of Boulder to celebrate the opening of our 21st season!

You’ll enter like a star through a VIP red carpet photo area…it is a film festival, after all! Grab a local brew or glass of wine, and check out the virtual reality dance film and the video installations looping throughout the Museum before the screening for an intimate experience with select films. Take a peek at the Museum’s open exhibits and delight in the magic of live dance performance on your way to pick up your pre-purchased burrito bowls on the rooftop patio.

The main event will begin at 7:30pm as we embark on a screening of our new season’s top scoring dance films. As always, our selections are submitted from around the world and curated by a panel of professional dance filmmakers to bring you the most cutting edge work in the realm where dance and cinema collide.

Festival Premiere Screening

Organized Hope, 2024, United States, 6 min

Directed by Amy Seiwert
Produced by Amy Seiwert's Imagery
Choreography by Amy Seiwert
Dancing by James Gilmer
Music Composed by Daniel Bernard Roumain
Edited by Ben Estabrook, Amy Seiwert
Stopmotion by Aaron Kierbel
Libretto by Marc Bamuthi Joseph
Inspired by Kintsugi, the traditional Japanese craft of repairing broken ceramics using lacquer mixed with gold and the belief that something can be more beautiful through the stresses endured. Seiwert asked herself: coming out of an era that broke many of us, can we be re-formed? Can we create something both stronger and more beautiful?

Morning Interlude, 2024, France, 7 min

Directed by Sirius
Produced by Sirius, Julien Manunta
Dancing by Robinson Cassarino, Lilou
Written by Sirius
At daybreak on a country road, a young couple returns from a restless night visibly exhausted. Angry with each other the couple will in a magnetic dance try to reconcile.

Not Now, 2024, United Kingdom, 4 min

Directed by Joshua Molony, Loughlan Prior
Produced by Milou-Mai Law
Choreography by Loughlan Prior
Dancing by Rebecca Bassett Graham
Cinematography by Joshua Molony
Edited by Joshua Molony, Loughlan Prior
A dance film starring Rebecca Bassett Graham (of Company Wayne McGregor) about climate change and the consequences of our inaction. Filmed on the Norfolk coast.

Walks With Me, 2021, Finland, 11 min

Directed by Kati Kallio
Produced by Elli Isokoski, Outi Rousu
Choreography by Kati Kallio
Dancing by Ritva Kattelus, Elli Hirvikoski, Kerttu Luhtala, Aino Virkki, Lydia Ponkiniemi, Antero Lehtonen, Elina Härynen, Marjukka Savolainen, Jukka Tarvainen, Nelli Saarelainen, Ervi Sirén, Sisko Kinnunen
Music Composed by Janne Laine
Cinematography by Antti Ahokoivu
Edited by Kati Kallio
Costume Design by Niina Huovinen
Make Up by Laura Herttua
80-year-old Sanna lives alone with her memories and houseplants. One day Sanna sees an event from her window that makes her reminisce about her friends and notice her own loneliness.

Beast, 2022, Poland, 9 min

Directed by Iwona Pasińska
Produced by Polish Dance Theatre
Featuring Polish Dance Theatre
Music Composed by Michał Lorenc, Michał Blicharz - EHO
Cinematography by Marek Grabowski
Edited by Natalia Jacheć
Set & Costume Design by Andrzej Grabowski
Make Up by Adriana Cygankiewicz
eeny meeny miny humpy not your son nor your daughter eeny meeny rumpy-pumpy cling cling lamb for slaughter Which species is the biggest predator? Behind seven lakes, seven hills, seven forests, there is a seemingly idyllic land. And in it, as if by magic, an unexpected meeting happens not only once but three times. The first time, as if from a flying carpet, we see an animalistic figure in the thicket. The second time, we observe a frisky animal herd colliding with otherness. For the third and final meeting, the moment when a man enters the ordered world of nature. How does the relationship between animals differ from the relationship between humans and animals? This is asked by the creators of the sixth choreographic film project by the Polish Dance Theatre.

Intermission, 2000, USA, 15 min

Enjoy the video installations. Stretch, snack, and mingle!
Frame from Intermission

Intermission, 2000, USA, 15 min

Enjoy the video installations. Stretch, snack, and mingle!

Burn From The Inside, 2024, United Kingdom, 10 min

Directed by Mthuthuzeli November
Produced by Richard Bolton
Dancing by Ballet Black
Cinematography by Nauris Buksevics
Executive Producer by Cassa Pancho
Lighting Design by David Plater
"Burn from the Inside" is not your typical narrative work. It delves into the exploration of music and its origins, examining why we have an innate desire to dance or move when we hear music, sound, or voices. It seeks to understand the essence of what triggers our movements and the emotional responses evoked by music. - Mthuthuzeli November The profound question arises: why do certain things compel us to jump up and dance, while others make us want to sit back and do the opposite? The most significant realisation in this exploration is that from the very beginning, we were destined to be moved by sounds.

Layers, 2023, Slovenia, 9 min

Directed by Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia, Fabris Šulin
Dancing by Nastja Bremec Rynia, Michal Rynia
Music Composed by Mateja Starič
Camera Assistance by Aljaz Novak
"Layers" is a contemporary dance film that artfully explores the intricate layers of human connections, delving into the multifaceted nature of relationships, emotions, and personal journeys. By interweaving scenes from intimate home environments with industrial settings, the film symbolizes the complexities and interconnectedness of our daily lives, navigating the juxtaposition of personal and professional roles. Through visually representing the juxtaposition of home and work, "Layers" invites viewers to contemplate the intricate layers of human experience and the delicate balance between different facets of our lives. Ultimately, the film offers a profound exploration of the complexities inherent in the human experience and the interplay between work and personal identity.

If I Were You, 2024, United States, 9 min

Directed by Margot Gelber, Rebecah Goldstone
Produced by Jessie Lee Thorne
Dancing by Marlie Couto, Jessie Lee Thorne
In "If I Were You" a couple shares an oscillating dance of intention and disruption--their movements a continuous exchange of support and potential peril, pushing them toward self-discovery. Falling into known patterns, but desperate to shift, they beckon and reject each other, careening toward togetherness. This is a slow, exhausting, mesmerizing dance, steeped in the unknown, where souls wait patiently to be held, released, and resolved.

Twisted Mind, 2024, France, 5 min

Directed by Nathan Benisty
Produced by Libelo productions, Valentine Wurtz, Mélisse label
Dancing by Cauê Frias
Music by Édouard Ferlet
Cinematography by Julie Chevailler, Sylvain Séchet
Edited by Nathan Benisty
Script by Perrine Lacamp
Acting by Isabelle Perrodeau
A clinical white room, plunged into darkness. In the half-light, a male figure on a granite table. A large one-way glass panel fills one wall. In the adjacent room, behind the glass, a woman turns a potentiometer on the control panel. In the room, the light comes on and the character gradually opens his eyes. With a robotic gesture, he stands up and sits on the edge of the table. His perfect features and the precision of his gestures suggest he is not really human.

You Are Enough, 2022, France, 9 min

Produced and Directed by Lisa Magnan
Dancing by Elda Gallo, Cindy Villemin, Luan De Lima, Thales Weilinger
Cinematography by Manon Pichon
Set Design by Artemiy Shokin
Costume Design by Johanna Hofbauer
"You Are Enough" encourages self-acceptance and growth through embracing imperfection! This dance film talks about identity, diversity, singularity. Follow 4 individuals on their journey sharing life's singular moments and experimenting the beauty and complexity of humanity with poetry, sensibility, and humor. "You Are Enough" is an ode to self acceptance, it’s a love shoot to accept ourself as we really are and stop being afraid of not being beautiful/legitimate/smart/competent/interesting/... enough, for doing what we really want to do. This film is made through a series of sequence shots of almost 10min, where the dancers appear and disappear in the field of the screen, where the DOP, 5th dance partner, is creating a choreography with them as well.

Festival Premiere Installation

Osmose, 2024, France, 5 min

Directed by Eva Motreff
Produced by C. Larsen
Dancing by Tao Zhang
Written by Eva Motreff
A man alone in a lunar landscape experiences the transition from light to night.

Passerby, 2024, USA, 5 min

Directed by Hart Ginsburg
Choreography and Dancing by Anthony Taylor
Music by Kelsey Mira
Cinematography by Hart Ginsburg
Edited by Ivana Contreras
Inspired by political theorist and author Dr. Achille Mbembe perspective on human existence as “le passant,” our film "Passerby” explores diasporic themes through dance, music and poetry. We are influenced by surrealism, avant-garde and abstraction as forms of storytelling through humanistic ways.

here and there, now and then, 2024, Canada, 7 min

Directed by Cheryl Pagurek
Dancing by Rion Taylor, Wyeth Walker
Music Composed by Jesse Stewart
While interacting with Cheryl Pagurek’s States of Being video and sound installation, dancers Rion Taylor and Wyeth Walker move fluidly through space and time. They traverse public and private locations, inhabit physical and virtual realms, and explore connections and relationships between the past, the present and an uncertain future. Their movements unite black and white film footage with contemporary video recordings, while building a compelling soundscape with composer Jesse Stewart's music.

Innate Stimulate, 2024, United States, 8 min

Directed by Megan A Roney
Produced by Michelle Bernier, Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema
Choreography by Sydney Preston, Lara Lea Roney, Megan Roney
Dancing by Kayla Clark, Aleighya Dawkins, Chris Hatfield, Brittney Hietala, Natalie Jackson, Laura Morales, Greg Morgan, Sydney Preston, Lara Lea Roney, Nathaniel Roney, Mykayla Solorio
Music Composed by Thunderboogie
Filmmaker: Scott Rowland
Guest Performance by Leo Luna Barraza, Ximena Luna Barraza, Mason Butts, Izan Nichols
Visual Artwork by Kurt Redeker
Follow the bass to the place where the beat moves your feet, and catch a dose of dopamine on the dance floor. This film was created as a part of Sans Souci Festival's Community Dance Film Project, with funding from the City of Boulder Arts & Culture.

Home|Room, 2024, United States, 5 min

Directed by Keith Haynes
Produced by Michelle Bernier
Dancing by Vivian Kim, Jessica Bertram-Williams, Keith Haynes
Music Composed by Josh Torrison
Filmmaker: Jesse Rarick
I feel confined/stuck. In this home. In this room. In this mind. Confined to both psychological and physical space. Stuck in a continuous, never ending loop. Ever changing but staying the same. I feel confined…stuck in this Home/Room. This film was created as a part of Sans Souci Festival's Community Dance Film Project, with funding from the City of Boulder Arts & Culture.

Venus in Ferns, 2023, United States, 8 min

Directed by Laura Rachel Conway
Produced by Michelle Ellsworth
Dancing by Elle Huong
Written by Laura Conway, Charlotte Conway
Venus in Fern uses Victorian gardening advice columns from the 1800s as its primary source material. These early examples of self-help texts now appear absurd in the way they reinscribe toxic gender scripts. By quoting these texts verbatim, the film prompts viewers to contemplate how contemporary self-help may appear equally absurd to future generations. What results is a squabbling mix of dance, camp, drag, terrible re-enactment and farce.

Black Crow, 2024, United States, 4 min

Directed by Erika Anne Randall
Performance by Marie-Juliette Bird
The crow as harbinger. Shot locally with footage from The Boulder Flood.