Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Sans Souci at University of Northern Colorado 2024
part of our Screening Partner Program
Saturday, January 27th, 2024 at 7:30 PM MST
Sans Souci is pleased to collaborate once again with our newest screening partner: University of Northern Colorado School of Theatre Arts and Dance. This 60 minute dance film screening features a diverse set of dancers and dance styles from four countries, specially curated for UNC students, with a talkback with SSF Staff to follow. Tentative program details below.

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Handstitched, 2022, United States, 10 min

Directed by Virginia Broyles, Chris Lee
Produced by Virginia Broyles
Choreography by Virginia Broyles
Cinematography by Alex Lee
Creator by Virginia Broyles
Five people venture to a secret meadow tucked behind snow capped mountains to participate in a ritual of their own making. Together, they delight in dream logic and ceremonial uncanny through their mischievous traditions.

Maracatu vs Passinho, 2022, Brazil, 3 min

Directed by Rodrigo Pépe, Priscila Paciência
Produced by Aline Alves
Choreography by Priscila Paciência
Cinematography by Helder Tavares
In the videodance "Maracatu vs Passinho" we invited a Passinho dancer and a Caboclo de Lança to present some of their expressions in a friendly duel.

La Solitude, 2022, Canada, 4 min

Directed by Ben Sellick
Choreography and dancing by Jordyn Hubbs
Music composed by Ben Sellick
Filmmaker: Joan Dwiartanto
Small and big feelings about putting in a day's work.

Offering, 2023, Canada, 5 min

Directed by Marlene Millar
Produced by Marlene Millar, Sandy Silva, Kathy Sperberg
Choreography by Sandy Silva
Dancing by Sonia Clarke, David Cronkite, Dominic Desrochers, Omar Motion Carter, Afia Douglas, Issac Endo, Hélène Lemay, Chloe Hart, Louis Roy, Sana Hutchison, Rachel Hutchison, Edai Larobina, Kimberly Robin, Mathilde Richer, Bobby Thompson
"Offering" creates a meaningful convergence between the Migration Dance Film Project’s body percussion artists and emerging artists from dance (gigue, contemporary, street) and circus arts. The choreography uses the power of procession in Montreal’s urban borough of Little Burgundy to amplify its storyline of (re)imagined homescape in the era of mid-pandemic. The procession formed by movement artists from across communities weaves its way through urban corridors, neighbourhoods, green spaces — an uncoiled assemblage of nomadic storytellers anchored in the intimate knowledge of individual and shared experiences in unison. "Offering" imbues movement in stillness within our city and takes refuge in its powerful migratory patterns traced across our urbanscape.

The Lines In Between, 2023, United States, 11 min

Directed by Georgia Usborne
Produced by Paul Rabinowitz, Georgia Usborne, Julia Discenza, Debora Domass
Choreography by Georgia Usborne
Dancing by Julia Discenza, Georgia Usborne
Music composed by Miranda
Struggling with writer's block, a woman moves through surreal worlds to discover the ebbs and flows of creativity.

Awake at Night, 2022, United States, 2 min

Produced and Directed by Andrea Ward
Choreography by Andrea Ward
"Awake at Night" is a passionate vocal and percussive song and video, inciting questions around what it means to be alive and truly awake. The elements of water and mirror create the sensation of being engulfed in the inner world, unbound across different realms of consciousness.

Yn Y Golau (In Visible Light), 2023, United Kingdom, 12 min

Produced and Directed by Joanna Wright, Kate Lawrence
Choreography by Kate Lawrence
Featuring Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence
Dancing by Lisa Spaull, Angharad Price-Jones
Cinematography by Ed Edwards
Edited by Ariadna Fatjo Vilas, Mariko Montpetit
Sound by Alex Ashcroft
"Yn Y Golau (In Visible Light)" is an experimental vertical dance film, following two dancers on a journey through natural light phenomena.

Old Man At The Corner Store, 2023, United States, 8 min

Directed by Nadav Heyman, Anabella Casanova
Produced by Cheryl Mann, Collin Del Cuore
Choreography by Nadav Heyman & Cheryl Mann
Dancing by Zoe Rawlings, Fen Del Cuore, Mher Khachatryan, Adrian Dela Rosa, Nadav Heyman, Donte Cooley
Executive Producers by Sage Price, Anabella Casanova
An elderly man crosses paths with the neighborhood mischiefs.