Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Sans Souci at CoDEO Annual Conference, 2020

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Frame from Moving Yerevan

Moving Yerevan, 2014, Armenia, 8 min

Directed by Jevan Chowdhury
Produced by Nare Aghababyan
Choreography by Jevan Chowdhury
Featuring National State Ensemble & independent artists
Music by Danny Odom
Filmmaker: Jevan Chowdhury
This short marries the people of Yerevan — the capital of Armenia and one of the world's oldest continually inhabited cities — with the modern day metropolis. Created in public spaces in 3 days and 3 nights.
Frame from Tap Graffiti

Tap Graffiti, 2016, USA, 3 min

Directed by Geoffrey Goldberg
Produced by Geoffrey Goldberg - New Movie Musical productions
Choreography by Geoffrey Goldberg
Dancing by Geoffrey Goldberg and Seth Judice
Cinematography by Bill Simmers / WillyMac Studios Carla McDonald / Find Memphis
Edited by Geoffrey Goldberg
An impromptu tap routine in a graffiti-covered abandoned warehouse in downtown Memphis.

One Another, 2019, USA, 8 min

Directed by Kevin Frilet
Produced by Guillaume de Bary
Choreography by Julie Bour
Featuring CalArts School of Dance
Dancing by Maya Allen, Shiloh Beckett, Audrey Collette, Damontae Hack, Kehari Hutchinson, Catalina Jackson-Urueña, Nadia Muhammad, Emara Neymour-Jackson, Liessa Son, Jasmin Sugar, Im Vorapharuek, Kevin Zambrano and Robin Sanders
Music composed by Arthur Simonini
Music performed by Matteo Pastorino, Arnaud Biscay
Cinematography by Nicolas Petris
Edited by Maxime Pozzi Garcia
From the undergrounds of a city, a group of people emerge from the darkness, bodies mingling and intermingling to form one. Wandering the streets of this city where the sky seems clear but the air so dense, everyone wanders according to his own epic stories, with his fears and hopes, with his loves and bitterness, with his rage and his tedium. They are the story we tell.
Frame from Beautiful Illusion

Beautiful Illusion, 2011, UK, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Jessica Taylor & Aaron Buckley
Choreography by Jessica Taylor & Aaron Buckley
Dancing by Olivia Ratcliffe
Music by Rebecca-Kate Leach
Edited by Jessica Taylor & Aaron Buckley
The beauty of a ballerina in an art gallery is contrasted with threatening red lights, which indicate her pain in executing the movement.
Frame from Solitude, Darkness, Light

Solitude, Darkness, Light, 2016, United States, 5 min

Directed by Thomas Carr, Kayla Briët, Isabela Dos Santos
Produced by National YoungArts Foundation
Choreography and dancing by Isabela Dos Santos
Music by Kayla Briet
Cinematography by Kayla Briet and Thomas Carr
Edited by Kayla Briet
In a blend of abstraction and realism, "Solitude, Darkness, Light" explores the confluence of place, time, people and emotions. Contrasting worlds of the future and the past and the still and the moving take the viewer across time in search of a new perspective on the present, as experienced through the lenses of sounds, animation and imagery.
Frame from Molat & Molat

Molat & Molat, 2015, USA, 6 min

Produced and Directed by Kate Duhamel
Choreography and dancing by Pascal Molat
Featuring San Francisco Ballet
Music by Ben Joudvalkis
Cinematography by Jesse Dana
Edited by Clayton Worfolk, Kate Duhamel
Narrator by Matisse Molat
The story of Pascal Molat dancing, as told by Matisse Molat, age 5.
Frame from Globe Trot

Globe Trot, 2013, USA & 22 other countries, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Mitchell Rose
Choreography by Bebe Miller
Dancing by people found on the street
Music composed by William Goodrum
Cinematography by 50 filmmakers
Edited by Mitchell Rose
An international crowd-sourced dance-film project: 50 filmmakers on all 7 continents each shoot 2 seconds of a dance by choreographer Bebe Miller.
Frame from Universal

Universal, 2018, United States, 6 min

Directed by Jeff Curtis
Choreography by Jürg Koch
Featuring n/a
Dancing by Jennifer Adams, Mlondolozi Zondi
Music by Marlui Miranda (excerpted), Silent Partner, Poddington Bear
Filmmaker: Jeff Curtis
This short animated film introduces the work of dancer, choreographer and teacher Jürg Koch. Having worked with Candoco integrating disabled and non-disabled performers and dancing in contemporary repertory, Jürg produced "The Application of Universal Design of Instruction in Dance Degrees in Higher Education," to rethink teaching conventions and serve as a blue print to develop further material and processes.

Stopgap in Stop Motion, 2016, United Kingdom, 5 min

Produced and Directed by Stephen Featherstone
Choreography by Lucy Bennett
Featuring Stopgap Dance Company
Dancing by Amy Butler, Laura Jones, Nadenh Poan, Chris Pavia, Hannah Sampson, David Toole, David Willdridge, Tomos Young
Music by Dougie Evans
Filmmaker: Stephen Featherstone
Performers in disabled and non-disabled dance company "Stopgap" move in and out of photos and across tabletops until the whole company meet and perform in unison.
Frame from Separate Sentences

Separate Sentences, 2016, United States, 15 min

Produced and Directed by Amie Dowling, Austin Forbord
Choreography by Amie Dowling
Music composed by Albert Mathias
Music performed by Albert Mathais
Cinematography by Heath Orchard
Edited by Austin Forbord
Incarceration is not a single or discrete event, but a dynamic process that unfolds over time and affects families for generations. This dance/theater film draws upon individual experiences and physical memories of a cast comprised of Bay Area artists– some of whom are fathers or sons who have experienced incarceration. See below for a special note from the directors.
Frame from Intrinsic Moral Evil

Intrinsic Moral Evil, 2013, The Netherlands, 11 min

Produced and Directed by Harm Weistra
Choreography by Fernando Domínguez Rincón
Dancing by Joan Ferré Gomez, Jorge Abraham Guillen Ortiz, Frago Peña Gonzalez
Music composed by Ludwig van Beethoven
Music performed by Dmitriy Lukyanov
Cinematography by Jorrit Garretsen
Edited by Michiel Boesveldt
Sound design by Aline Bruijns
Re-recording mix by Bart Jilesen
Two men and a woman explore gender through movement.