Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Sans Souci at Firehouse Art Center 2018
Firehouse Arts Center, 667 4th Ave, Longmont, CO, USAGet your tickets today!
Co-Hosted by Firehouse Arts Center.
This project is funded in part by Boulder County Arts Alliance
through the BCAA Endowment Grant Program Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission

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Imitation and Splattery, 2016, USA, 6 min

Directed by Michelle Bernier
Choreography by Michelle Bernier
Featuring Life/Art Dance Ensemble
Dancing by Michelle Bernier, Jessica Riggs, Megan Roney, Mykayla Solorio
Music Composed by J.S. Bach
Music Performed by The Swingle Singers
Cinematography by Tyler Stocker
Edited by Michelle Bernier
Ceramicist by Ariana Kolins
Color Correction by H. Paul Moon
A dancer and a ceramicist enjoy one another's processes and products.
Frame from Women in Cities

Women in Cities, 2017, United States, 2 min

Choreography by Rosie Trump
Featuring Rosie Trump | With or Without Dance
Dancing by Christina Carter, Abrie Parrish, Shelby Wilburn
Music Composed by Kosta T
Cinematography by Trisha French
Edited by Rosie Trump
Three women navigate internal and external pressures in this a short stop motion dance film which assembles over two thousand still images. Kinetic snapshots of twisting, hinging, and flinging are interrupted by micro-arrests generating a passive tension between the women. Referencing visual artist Robert Longo’s Men in Cities series, and manifesting the implied movement in its images.

Syncretic Noise, 2016, United States, 4 min

Directed by Stephen Bullen
Choreography and Dancing by Jeff Salisbury
Music by Stephen Bullen
Filmmaker: Stephen Bullen
Defying conventional logic and storytelling, layered soundscapes and symbolic visuals fuel the dark atmosphere as a man dances, secluded from a city at battle with itself. In a hyper society portrayed by time-lapses, the dancer's natural motion continues across cuts through discontinuities of space-- from forest landscapes to gritty urban life.
Frame from Pavilion

Pavilion, 2014, USA, 3 min

Directed by Adam Sekuler
Choreography and Dancing by Shannon Stewart
Filmmaker: Adam Sekuler
An imagined spectacle, rodeo iconography, the feminine body, the equine body, dressage. Shot on Super-8.
Frame from Left Under

Left Under, 2013, USA, 5 min

Produced and Directed by Rachel Oliver
Choreography by Rachel Oliver
Dancing by Mandy Greenlee, Stephanie Lee, Kate Speer, & Jessica Troppman
Music by Rachel's
Filmmaker: Rachel Oliver
Plates, woman, water, field, past, and present - an attempt to understand and unwind the harried complexities of life for women.
Frame from Little Dreams

Little Dreams, 2015, Belgium, 6 min

Directed by Wilkie Branson
Choreography by Wilkie Branson
Dancing by Wilkie Branson, Mariana Camiloti, Joêl Daniel, Femi Oyewole, Shantala Pépe, & Letitia Simpson
Music Composed by Benji Bower & Kathleen Milton Fitzpatrick
Filmmaker: Wilkie Branson
This dance animation about dreams, aspirations, and fears was made with over 4,000 hand cut characters over the period of a year.
Frame from The Breath We Left

The Breath We Left, 2009, USA, 4 min

Produced and Directed by Tara Rynders
Choreography and Dancing by Tara Rynders
Music Composed by Sigur Ros [edited]
Filmmaker: Tara Rynders
I find comfort in your warmth and your texture in my hands and feet. I reach into my pockets and search for the breath we left. I look back only to see the future swept up by the current and I am again alone. Forced to face myself I have a choice. I am here and I am there - searching. . .

Amuse, 2016, Netherlands, 6 min

Directed by Ivo van Aart
Produced by Rob IJpelaar
Choreography by Jonne Covers
Dancing by Inbal Abir, Yeli Beurskens, Anna Fransen, Nina Funk, Julia Heider, Sophie Jetten, Minke Tettero & Heleen van der West
Music Composed by Jeffrey van Rossum
Cinematography by Floris Verweij
Edited by Ivo van Aart
A large restaurant, full of people who are having a good time. They're chatting and paying attention to each other. At least, that's what it seems...
Frame from Tofino

Tofino, 2014, UK, 4 min

Directed by Brian Vass
Choreography and Dancing by Jennifer Drotz Ruhn
Music Composed by Stuart Docherty
Cinematography by Brian Vass
Edited by Jennifer Drotz Ruhn
With the mood enhanced by stop-motion cinema, 'Tofino' conveys delicacy and solitary intimacy.

Stopgap in Stop Motion, 2016, United Kingdom, 5 min

Produced and Directed by Stephen Featherstone
Choreography by Lucy Bennett
Featuring Stopgap Dance Company
Dancing by Amy Butler, Laura Jones, Nadenh Poan, Chris Pavia, Hannah Sampson, David Toole, David Willdridge, Tomos Young
Music by Dougie Evans
Filmmaker: Stephen Featherstone
Performers in disabled and non-disabled dance company "Stopgap" move in and out of photos and across tabletops until the whole company meet and perform in unison.

DRAWING BLANK, 2012, Canada, 5 min

Directed by stefan verna
Produced by David Finch
Choreography and Dancing by Emily Jean Honegger
Music Composed by David Drury
Cinematography by Bill Kerrigan
Edited by stefan verna
A dream-like story of impermanence told through dance and stop-motion painting.