Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

is a niche film festival specializing in dance cinema
and incorporating live performance.

Sample Reel

15th Anniversary Season

Sans Souci is celebrating 15 years! We kicked off the year with a touring edition of the festival at the Firehouse Arts Center in Longmont, Co, with short films and live performance featuring Life/Art Dance Ensemble, and local filmmakers Tara Rynders and Rachel Oliver Young. Then, we ventured with screening partners new and old to bring SSF films to college campuses as part of two regional ACDA conferences, plus a family-friendly screening in Lafayette with support from the Lafayette Cultural Arts Council.

Stay tuned for more screenings than ever before, including our 15th annual premiere event at ATLAS Blackbox Experimental Studio, featuring Kim Olson of Sweet Edge Dance, and Life/Art Dance Ensemble, plus events all over Boulder County (detailed screening schedule coming soon!). We'll keep producing events with our U.S. screening partners, and create unique events in the U.K., Brazil, and Trinidad & Tobago. To help us spread the dance-for-camera love, click "Donate Now through BCAA" button on the left.

Our 2018 call for entries has now closed. Notifications of acceptances will begin July 27, and screenings will be in the fall. Our next call for entries will go out in March 2019.


Image by J. Akiyama, Audience engaging in installation of "WOMB" (2016, Switzerland) directed by Gilles Jobin.

Curatorial Criteria

Curatorial Criteria: We're interested in film and video works that integrate dance and cinematography. When choosing works for exhibition and installation we consider thoughtful forms and themes, investigative / innovative / experimental approaches, choreographic creativity, virtuosic performance, production values, audience appeal, and program fit. None of these criteria is a must; none is more important than the others; excellence in any one or two areas may be sufficient for acceptance. Shorts are preferred. Documentaries and animations will be considered. Note that we are not interested in simple recordings of dance on a proscenium stage — cinematic elements must be an integral part of the entry.

Film, Video, Camera, Cinema?

We thought about calling ourselves a Dance Film Festival, a Video Dance Festival, a Dance Video Festival, a ScreenDance Festival, or a Dance for Camera Festival but we settled on Festival of Dance Cinema because that seems to cover the bases best.


Image by J. Akiyama, from the live multi-media performance "Wild-er-ness" (2017) by Ana Baer and Heike Salzer.