Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema,

Sans Souci at NDEO 2020
Virtual Dance Film Screening: Oct 23
SSF is proud to be presenting a panel presentation for the first time ever at NDEO's National Conference. Rosely Conz, Bailey Anderson, and Michelle Bernier will be representing Sans Souci in a Session titled “Empathy through the Screen: Implications for Creating, Curating, and Screening Dance Cinema.” Together, we’ll explore some current research into kinesthetic empathy as it relates to dance film, touch on its implications for curating a festival or screening, and enjoy an embodied watching of these SSF Archive films. Session is open to conference participants only, and films will only be available during the presentation. Please do not circulate video links, as they are only intended for conference participants.

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Frame from Uprooted

Uprooted, 2019, USA, 5 min

Directed by Rosely Conz and Stephany Slaughter
Produced by Stephany Slaughter
Choreography by Rosely Conz
Dancing by Rosely Conz, Atulya Dora-Laskey, Jordan Gasby, TreyVon Mason, Allison Muenzer, Gabriel Vargas, Maggie Schneirder
Music composed by Tayvon Richardson, Zachary Kribbet
Cinematography by Zachary Kribbet
Edited by Rosely Conz, Tayvon Richardson, Zachary Kribbet
Production Assistants by Sadie Gelb, Bailey Schalk
Immigration, taffy, wax. Removal, alien, roots, belonging. Dance. These apparently unrelated words are the departure point for Uprooted, a dance for camera project that uses contemporary and Mid-Michigan site-specific dance, metaphor, and movement to address issues of immigration, migration, and displacement to a soundtrack of local immigrant stories that narrate their relationships to the concept of Uprooted, a film by Rosely Conz and Stephany Slaughter.
Frame from Cygnus

Cygnus, 2018, United States, 6 min

Directed by Cara Hagan, Robert Uehlin
Choreography and dancing by Cara Hagan
Music by Mike Wall
Filmmaker: Robert Uehlin
A short screendance filmed on location on Battle Lake, MN. Cygnus invites us to revel in the beauty of the sunrise over calm waters as the moon slips behind the horizon. A celebration of the earth, the body, and their kinship.
Frame from Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee, 2020, Indonesia, 2 min

Directed by Deny Tri Ardianto
Produced by Fajar Ritus
Choreography and dancing by Dwi Windarti
Featuring Windarti Dance
Music composed by Bagus Teweoe
Cinematography by Fajar Ritus
Covid-19 depresses everyone. Space becomes limited, houses run out of food, boredom and tension cannot be escaped. But everyone seeks to stay sane, in their own way. Note: This film was made with caution in accordance to the applied health protocol during pandemic such as physical distancing, use of mask, and limited number of crew.

Unspoken Spoken, 2018, United Kingdom, 18 min

Directed by Fin Walker, Ross McGibbon
Produced by Candoco Dance, The Space
Choreography by Fin Walker
Featuring Candoco
Dancing by Tomas Gulgec, Roberta Pitre, Jess Dowsewell, Dan Daw, Jemima Hoadley, Julie Cleves
Music composed by Ben Park
Music performed by Ben Park, Rebecca Jordan, Buffy Rowe, James Taylor, Geriel, Suzuki Destanika
Cinematography by Ross McGibbon
Edited by Josh Levinsky
Breaking down the rules that restrict us, those that lie within and those that lie without.